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People Like Games: The First Raise Coming to Polinate

Ahmad Khan is the Founder and CEO of People Like Games, which is a gaming media and production studio focused on creating original gaming content and event production. Having spent four years putting out hundreds of podcasts and videos, he’s developed a keen eye for the content that the world of gaming is missing and he’s a major passion of his.

The project he’s raising for on Polinate is a passion project called The Games We Played. It will be focused on the stories behind the development of important and historical video games. This would include the people who were involved, the inspirations behind the creatives choices that were made, and all of the other pivotal moments that went into all the games that we live so much.

Throughout his years working on People Like Games, one of the things he’s felt that is really missing is the content that goes back into history to tug at the heartstrings of gamers all over the world. He feels we’re constantly inundated with what’s either happening now or what the future looks like. However, the way to really bring people together through the content would require taking time to go backwards.

The few times he has seen attempts at this they weren’t done in a way that were executed well. They seemed mostly thrown together and didn’t lend themselves to success at all. All of this is why he’s so excited to put this project together because he’s confident something amazing can come of it.

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