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Polinate.io User Guide

How to pre-purchase P2E in-game assets

What are you buying on Polinate?

You are pre-buying the in-game assets before they are minted and accessible on a marketplace.

The last price the assets were BOUGHT/SOLD for during the pre-sale on the Polinate platform will be the initial listing price when the assets are available on a marketplace.

There’s a lot more techy stuff happening within Polinate, but we’ll keep it simple as possible.

Let’s start with an example of a product listed in Polinate.io.

We will use Nitro Wheels NFT Project as an example, which is pre-selling the custom Nitro Wheels that can be played in the Nitro League P2E Game when the game is launched.

Note: This example will change depending on the project but the process remains the same.

First, let’s go to Polinate.io, see the featured & upcoming Projects. Then go to Upcoming Project / Project Details — Back this Project, shown in the image below.

Polinate dApp Home Page

Now lets Understand the Metrics

Observe the following metrics in the Project Detail Page.

  1. Initial Token Price = 2 USDC (this is the initial token price offered by the project creator).
  2. Date of Launch = 21th Feb 2021 (this is the project/product launch date).
  3. Duration of raise = 24 hours (the duration is estimated by the project creator depending on the demand of the product).
  4. Price Per Token = $2 (this is the current token price before the live sale).
  5. Tokens needed for Nitro Wheels= 15 (required tokens you need to swap to get the Polinate Nitro Car).

Here we see that the starting price of the Polinate Nitro Car is 15 NCTRD tokens at a value of 2 USDC per token.

However, Since we use the Dutch Auction Methods, the token price will move up and down based on the current demand of the product. If there are no buyers, the price will continue to drop. The price will increase when there are more buyers.

NOTE: getting in first will not always secure the best price.

Understanding the Sale

View on Advance Mode

Above, is a chart showing the price action. We can see there was a decline in demand and the price slowly came down (1). But then we had a resurgence in demand when people started buying and the price moved up per NCTRD (2).

TIP: If buyers bought in at the bottom and now want to take profit, you can sell your NCTRD back to the pool for USDC and try to enter again at a lower price, if you think the price will decrease again.

How Do I Buy?

You can either buy by putting in a USDC value or you can purchase the amount of NCTRD you want to buy. Simply connect your Metamask wallet and Swap the desired amount.

Traders may choose USDC as they’re looking for a profit but those who want the assets can enter the exact amount of NCTRD they want to purchase. In this case, it is 15 NCTRD for 1 Nitro Wheel.

Buying the Polinate Car using NPOLI or USDC

The example above shows a user looking to purchase 3 Nitro wheels which will require 30 NCTRD at a cost of 58.137333 USDC.

If the user bought 40 NCTRD, then they would have received 3 Nitro Wheels and the 10 extra NCTRD would be of no use. They can then trade these 10 NCTRD back to the pool if needed.

NOTE: If you’re pre-buying the asset please ensure to buy the exact quantity of Ptokens (NCTRD in this case).

How to Claim my Purchase?

Once the raise is completed, and if it is successful, the raise will move over to claim.

Once the assets are created and ready, users will be able to burn their Ptokens (NCTRD in the example above) to receive their rewards.

NOTE: The minting will depend on each project and its timelines. Until then you just hold your Ptokens.

About Polinate

Polinate is a next-generation crowdfunding platform designed to discover, launch and empower creatives globally in a permissionless way. We give creators their break to get funded by connecting creative projects, investors, fans and patrons.

We are building the backbone of a new global creator economy. It doesn’t matter where you are from, social status, banked or unbanked. If you add value, you benefit. Come and join our Hive!

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