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Polinate X Intergalactic Gaming X Nitro League: A win-win-win effort!

We’re excited about the upcoming projects in the three parties’ collaboration. Polinate will be hosting raises for upcoming tournaments and Nitro League assets. This would enable the community to participate and get their hands on a variety of assets and use them to play the Nitro League tournament.

Joining forces of our three communities will lead to an even bigger community to generate support for the projects. We are looking forward to developing a sustainable model for the PTE gaming ecosystem.

Triple Function

Polinate, will add all the financial support that competitions and teams/gamers may require. For instance, gamers and teams can use Polinate to raise funds to boost their required equipment and competition expenses. Tournament organizers can use it to create prize pools or cover organizational costs. Sponsors and other participants can raise funds to create customized assets for the competition, such as a new car model or a dedicated racing track. The cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the Polinate platform will cater for all this and much more.

Intergalactic Gaming, will enable competitions organized via the IGGalaxy platform to be launched and run over the Nitro League metaverse, with results being fed back to the IGGalaxy platform for gamers rewarding. Talking about rewards, gamers will enjoy a double reward system, through which they will gain rewards from both Nitro League (via $NITRO tokens and/or in-game assets) and IGGalaxy (via $IGG tokens).

Nitro League is the highly anticipated play-to-earn racing game, and the future metaverse for sports, gaming and entertainment enthusiasts. Nitro League will announce its first Nitro League tournaments in collaboration with Poliante and IGGalaxy.

The Beginning Of An Amazing Race

Phase 1 — Beta-testers up-skill, get rewarded and find future team partners

Nitro League is offering IGGalaxy users the opportunity to test the Nitro League game before its initial release at the end of Q1 2022. Those within the IGGalaxy community who form these testing groups will be offered exclusive access to later Nitro League tournaments with extensive prize pools. These prize pools will be generated on Polinate, appealing to existing crypto projects, giving them the opportunity to contribute and promote themselves to the IGGalaxy and Nitro League community.

Upon completion of user testing, we will be announcing its first Nitro League tournaments. These initial tournaments will be in a knock-out style format, with solo or one-on-one racing and will give users the opportunity to up-skill and scout out potential future teammates. Nitro League will be distributing NFTs across participants.

Phase 2 — Teams participate in multiplayer races

The 2nd stage of the partnership will start with multiplayer races on Nitro League, giving the newly established teams the opportunity to race each other. This is the next phase of development for Nitro League and we will celebrate this functionality release by putting together a one of a kind tournament. Polinate, we will equip at least two teams with all of the resources they need for an exciting and competitive tournament. Gamers who form these teams will be selected both from the IGG and Nitro League communities.

Phase 3 — The sky is the limit

The third and final phase of this partnership is opening up this phenomenal opportunity for gamers, teams, brands and other participants to organise large events and tournaments, and/or invest in in-game assets. The potential opportunities here are limitless.

It has been an incredibly exciting few weeks, firming up the details of this partnership and having the opportunity to work with other projects that share our ambition for what is possible within this space. We look forward to the first phase of this partnership going live, the details of which will be released in the immediate future.

About Intergalactic Gaming

IGGalaxy is the home of Play-To-Earn tournaments, where participation is championed and rewards are guaranteed. It is designed to provide a vastly improved gaming experience.

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About Nitro League

Nitro League is a decentralized play-to-earn racing game, bringing together great gameplay, token economies, and the metaverse. Game is built by a team with 500M app store downloads, crypto projects, and economies worth 3B+. All in-game assets and utilities are NFTs with cutting-edge gameplay mechanics.

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About Polinate

Polinate is a crowdfunding platform of the future. Designed for Gamers & Guilds to get their projects funded by connecting decentralized communities, investors, fans, and patrons around the world. It doesn’t matter where you are from, social status, banked or unbanked. Polinate empowers the everyone in a permissionless way. Join our Hive!

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