Yes, we are non-partisan, but these issues we care about!

The question that I get the most when I tell people about what we’re doing is about the impartiality of our summaries. They never say it outright, but the insinuation is along the lines of “Are you trying to influence our opinions?”

This is why our plan is to open up a separate crowdsourcing platform for our bill summaries, so anyone in the public can see what the deliberative process was like to reach the summary sent to the public app. More details on that once we release this feature :). For now, feel free to email us if there are any objections to our summaries.

As much as we strive to be unbiased, though, there are some issues that we feel strongly about and will push on our platform:

  1. Gerrymandering. If the popular vote is not reflecting the makeup of the House, then there’s a problem. That means that the majority isn’t being represented in the House!
  2. Single topic bills. Make every bill about one topic. No riders (items in a bill that are not related). No omnibus bills (those that cover multiple topics, so that it becomes difficult to vote no on it just for one item).
  3. Advance notice of public calendar + bill text. Right now, the public doesn’t always know what will get voted on every day. Also, the content of the bills isn’t always available in advance.

We will push these items through Polinav’s platform because we believe that these are the minimum in order to get the people’s voice heard. Gerrymandering prevents the people’s voice to be heard in a fair manner. Complex & multi-topic bills makes it difficult for citizens to make a decision on how they would want their representatives to vote on specific bills. Further, it’s unimaginable by the public doesn’t even know what bills are being voted on, and sometimes even what the exact content of said bills are.

These are the bare minimums in order to help make our democracy more representative of the people’s opinions.

Remember, if you aren’t voicing your opinion than you let the rich & powerful dictate politics. But don’t worry, we’re here to try and make voicing your opinion as easy as possible!