A Groestlcoin Debit Card Solution

After a long process and work in conjunction between the innovative minds and hard working developers from the Polis project, we are glad to announce the inclusion of Groestlcoin to the PolisPay payment platform.

Even as cryptocurrency and its community of users has experienced a major growth in popularity and use, liquidity remains a major challenge for the whole industry, hindering its mass adoption and its integration into ordinary life.

As Groestlcoin has always pushed towards innovation and cryptocurrency adoption, we have found great potential in the PolisPay project, and we believe this breakthrough will have a profound impact for Groestlcoin users and the whole crypto community.

The PolisPay Platform

The PolisPay concept was proposed 2017, with the goal of bringing real world use cases to cryptocurrencies. This would be done through the implementation of a debit card, backed by Mastercard (which means it is withdrawable in any Mastercard-enabled ATM and spendable in any commerce that supports the platform), and a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that allows to manage the PolisPay Card.

The goal of the PolisPay debit card is to allow any user to spend Groestlcoin, Bitcoin, or other digital currency as easily as you would using fiat currency.

This implementation allows to further integrate the use of digital currencies into people’s daily expenses, narrowing the barrier between their digital assets and real world items.

The process was built so that merchants get paid in their own currency while you are charged in GRS from your prepaid balance. This guarantees that users will be aple to pay for things, in stablishment where cryptocurrencies are not fully adopted yet. Soon you will be spending your GRS everywhere!

Rejoice, Groestlcoin community!

We firmly believe our addition to the PolisPay Project with result in a major improvement for all of our users, who will now gain the ability of storing, building and managing their assets freely.

Get Started!

As of right now, PolisPay is in at an Open Beta testing stage, and currently accepting applicants to test their services. To sign up today over to the PolisPay website.


Cryptocurrency has helped solve a myriad of problems associated with financial inclusion, leading up to the creation of crypto debit cards. Although they are currently not widely used, these unique debit cards are undoubtedly the next big step towards achieving global adoption by assisting crypto pioneers who want to use their digital assets for everyday expenses.