Announcing PolisPay Open Beta & PolisPay Roadmap

From grocery shopping, to Disney visits, the PolisPay card has been a reliable debit card, which aims to bridge the non cryptocurrency world to a new era, an era in which you will be able to spend your cryptocurrencies in all stores you want to.

The PolisPay card has been in closed beta since September. We needed to test this 3 features:

  • PolisPay Card: Crypto to fiat Mastercard.
  • PolisPay Shift: Change between cryptocurrencies.
  • HD Wallets: Send and receive between different cryptocurrencies within the app. You own your funds.

We have tested this at a small scale, and we now are ready to scale this up.

Because of this: PolisPay card is now in open beta.

If you want to order your PolisPay card, please follow the instruction in the following link:

PolisPay Roadmap 2018 Q4–2020 Q1


Manage your cryptocurrencies in one app with the secure PolisPay wallet. The PolisPay card lets you load fiat currency anywhere using your Polis Wallet and other available crypto coins. Get instant withdrawals from Mastercard compatible ATMS and spend with any Mastercard merchant.

2018 — Q4

Closed Beta :

After the Proof of Concept of Beta Phase 1, we delivered 50~ cards and we tested the functionality. Defects were found and solved in this stage.

We’d like to thank all our beta testers for their hard work.


Open Beta:

After the 3 Beta Phases, everyone can order a PolisPay card during the open beta. In this phase, we will stress test our back end, and the PolisPay shipment process. We will go out of beta once we make sure everything is working as expected.

Integration of more coins:

The addition of more coins is very important to PolisPay. We will reach out to other communities and add their coins to the PolisPay app. The fees to convert will always be paid in POLIS.

Marketing campaign:

Create a Marketing Campaign to promote PolisPay and the PolisPay card. We already have a marketing plan, which will make the PolisPay app reach out more people in the crypto-space.


Integration with PolisNodes:

Integrate PolisPay with PolisNodes in order to be able to manage and create your Masternodes within the PolisPay App. This will open up many possibilities, such as creating and managing your masternode in your cellphone.

PolisPay Shift

You will be able to shift between different cryptocurrencies. We want to make this service flexible, and eventually have a separate application and an API, so everyone can integrate PolisPay Shift in their application.


Cash-in System (Q3 — Q4):

Be able to buy Cryptocurrencies with fiat money instantly through PolisPay.

This will make PolisPay the perfect cryptocurrency light wallet.

Multi signature wallets:

Shared wallet in which every party member has to agree each transaction. This will open up many possibilities, such as sharing a wallet with your family, your wife, your friends, your business associate, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Address book:

Have a list of all addresses so you can easily make transactions. You can assign names to the addresses, and select from them.

ETH and Token Integration:

Integration of Ethereum tokens that can be used, and converted through PolisPay


Polis open beta has been a wild ride for both the dev team and our beloved community. We’ve been through a lot but we’ve made PolisPay better together. We want the polispay app and polispay card to be a success and this beta will let us do just that.