Polis Project Weekly Updates (02/26 to 03/03)

Polis Blockchain
Mar 4 · 4 min read

Polis Core

We recently released a new Polis Core v1.6.1. This version introduced a couple of fixes to the previous release:

— Fixes LLMQ
— Fixes POSe activation

This is a mandatory update; all users must update this wallet before block: 552,880 (around 04/03/2020), which activates LLMQ and POSe.

Masternode restart is not required

After the activation of the Proof-of-Service ban, all masternodes are going to start checking against each other, which means that masternodes that are not synced with the network and available for network services be banned and be no more rewarded.

You can find the release here on the main Github account:

And the website:

Remember: No one on the Polis Core Team, Polis Support Team, or Trusted members teams would message you directly. If you receive a direct message, it is probably a scam attempt. Keep your coins safe.

Also, there are no bots from the Core Team; if you receive a direct message from a Bot, it is probably a scammer.


This week the PolisPay team recently published a new release, v8.4.0; this version will introduce new gift cards and features that will enhance our users’ experience.

As part of our development, New providers will be added soon to the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

A variety of gift cards are being added, such as mobile top-up, internet recharges, DTH providers, and many more. Currently, we are testing it for the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Soon users will be able to recharge their mobile phones via the PolisPay app. These gift cards are currently being tested for the USA, Canada, and Mexico. This will include a variety of well known and popular cellular companies in each country. After the test, more countries will follow alongside a range of providers across the globe.

Your wallet will no longer require to be connected to our servers to perform basic wallet functionality. You will be able to introduce the URL of your blockbook servers to which you can request your balance and transaction data, as well as broadcast transactions.

Note: Shift and Gift Card features will keep relying on our servers.

The Polis Team values the safety of our users; we want to offer the best and most secure options and features to them. That is why we have implemented Trezor support.

Desktop users can now save their crypto assets in the safest way possible via Trezor hardware wallets. Both of the models are currently supported.

Here’s the download link:


We’re pleased to announce that PolisNodes now supports Wagerr! You can start hosting your Wagerr masternode now:

Zoom Webinar

Community member Frank and Hans will host a Zoom Webinar with special. The call will be held this Wednesday, March 4th, 2020, at 07:00 PM PT.

The call will focus on Polis updates and announcements, the Polis big picture, and more. If you are a masternode owner or someone that wants to be involved with Polis, this call is for you.

Head to the following link to join the webinar:

Community Management and Outreach

We want to remind you that you can follow us on the following Social Media Networks

We’re deeply grateful for all your support from our community and our partner’s communities, and we want to thank you for reading. Together we are strong, and we will strive just as we’ve done before to give you all the best!

Polis Ecosystem

Empowering people.

Polis Blockchain

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Polis is a cryptocurrency for communities. We use advanced decentralized blockchain technology and secure transactions. Polis empowers people $Polis

Polis Ecosystem

Empowering people.

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