Polis Project Weekly Updates (10/23 to 10/29)

Polis Blockchain
Oct 30 · 5 min read

Polis Core

We recently released a new update, version 1.5.3, this version fixes sync and staking issues on v1.5.2.

Download link:


This version is compatible with version 1.5.2, meaning that this is not a mandatory update, but highly recommended if you are having sync issues.

If you need personal support please contact the Polis Support Team, you can contact us on our social media accounts:


The recent updates were essential for DIP3 integration. We would like to thank everyone for their patience, we are aware that these updates can be tedious, but they are essential for the security and future of our network.


Moving forward with the update to DIP3 masternodes, we have created the following FAQ regarding DIP, this includes tools and video guides to help with the migration from regular masternodes to DIP3 masternodes:

We have created the following tool to help with the migration from regular masternodes to DIP3 masternodes:


This tool assumes your masternode is already installed in your VPS.

Polis Core: Masternode via Trezor tool

Running masternodes through Trezor will be extremely safe since funds for the collateral will no longer be kept on a desktop wallet and they will be stored on the Trezor device, either Model One or Model T as they will safe-keep the private keys.

The Polis-masternode-tool is able to run masternodes from the collateral in Trezor hardware wallet storage. At the moment, both Trezor One and model T are supported by Polis, although users will need to upgrade the firmware of Model One to version 1.8.2.

The first public release of the tool can be found here:


Community and Polis support member, Hans, has created a video tutorial on how to start a masternode via Trezor using the polis-masternode-tool. Head to the following link:


Polis Nodes

Polis Nodes now supports DIP3 masternodes.

PolisNodes will now show the status for DIP3 masternodes, this status shows what needs to be done to have a DIP3 masternode ready in the platform. You don’t have to recreate your node, you need to follow instructions given in the “INSTALL DIP3” button.

Also, all new masternodes created in PolisNodes will automatically be DIP3. You can create your DIP3 masternodes here:


We are now over 1200 masternodes!

We are closer to our next milestone; 1500 masternodes.

As our community continues to grow every day, we’d like to thank you for your support. Without the community, we wouldn’t have been able to reach this remarkable milestone, we’re excited about what’s ahead and couldn’t be more grateful of sharing that with our great community.


We are glad to bring you the latest PolisPay release, version 7.3.1.

We made some improvements to improve overall performance. The update was released with the following patch notes:

— Added TELOS coin support
— Minor UI improvements

Download Link:

PolisPay update plans

The team has been working on the next PolisPay release, version 8.0.0. This release will be complete revamp to the platform, where new technologies will allow it to be more stable than ever.

This revamp emphasizes the restructuration of the services and moving them to brand new architecture. In such a way, that it prioritizes both the efficiency and security of the information while also making the PolisPay app a much faster and fluid experience.

Both the vouchers and shift services have received tremendous upgrades; we can’t wait to share the revitalized services with our community.

Trezor integration has been finalized. Desktop users can now save their crypto assets in the safest way possible via Trezor hardware wallets.

As part of our initiative of making the entire Polis ecosystem open-source and accessible, the team will make the entire PolisPay repository open for anyone who would like to contribute and enrich the sense of community. We will be able to build upon each other’s ideas and discoveries, solve problems together, promote collaboration, and thus become more secure and stable.

This update is still being worked on and has an estimated release due in two weeks.

PolisPay cards

Regarding the PolisPay cards, there are some updates with the on-going process we would like to share:

— The UnionPay cards have reached Mexican soil and are in Guadalajara. In just a matter of days, they will arrive at the office where we will begin the integration process.

— We are still waiting for the Cacao license

— Final documentation for establishing a company in Europe is awaiting paperwork. This will allow us to sign a contract with a card provider company for Europe.

There’s a real possibility that we might be able to integrate the three main card providers: Visa, Mastercard, and Union Pay. Although it is possible we don’t want to take it for granted; we will update the situation.

Governance: PolisPay vouchers expansion

Regarding the expansion of the PolisPay voucher, there are some updates with the on-going process we would like to share:

Unfortunately, there have been some delays due to the recent wallet updates, Polis Core v1.5.3, and the activation of DIP3. The team has been working hard and a lot of progress has been made in the background while the updates occurred. The PolisPay team and Bitcou GmbH are working on integrating everything as quickly as possible. Currently, the voucher tab in the wallet is offline as the whole backend is being rebuilt and is currently being tested.

Many new products will be available, some products are going to be available in more than 130 countries through the PolisPay App if everything goes according to a plan by the end of the year.

The Bitcou GmbH team created a short survey regarding market expansion, we appreciate taking the time to answer it.

You can check it out here:


Reminder: Please fill out the survey on the market expansion as it will enable us to have a much comprehensive understanding of the user’s needs.

Community Management and Outreach

In an effort to expand our community and to be able to cater to every user’s needs, we are officially launching a set of Twitter accounts targeted to specific segments of the community.

To our Russian-speaking community, @PolisBc_RU.
And to our Spanish-speaking community, @PolisBc_ES.

On each account, we will tweet everything Polis related in that specific language, be sure to give them a follow!

We want to remind you that you can follow us on the following Social Media Networks:

Weekly Polis will now be posted every Wednesday each week in Medium, Discord, and Bitcointalk. Links to each will be shared across all social media.

We’re deeply grateful for all your support from our community and our partner’s communities, and we want to thank you for reading. Together we are strong, and we will strive just as we’ve done before to give you all the best!

Polis Blockchain

Empowering people.

Polis Blockchain

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Polis is a cryptocurrency for communities. We use advanced decentralized blockchain technology and secure transactions. Polis empowers people $Polis

Polis Blockchain

Empowering people.

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