Polis Project Weekly Updates (12/25 to 12/31)

Polis Blockchain
Jan 1 · 4 min read

Polis Core

A new version of Polis Core is in the works, v1.6.0. This version will address some issues that we found in the previous release, and will also introduce:

— Long Living Masternode Quorums (LLMQ): is a deterministic subset of the global deterministic masternode list. The main task of an LLMQ is to perform threshold signing of consensus related messages.

— ChainLocks: a technology for near-instant confirmation of blocks and finding near-instant consensus on the longest valid/accepted chain.

— Proof-of-service ban for masternodes (PoSe): masternodes that fail PoSe verification will then be removed from the valid masternode subset.

This version has begun testing and will be released shortly.

Happy New Year!

We wanted to take a moment to wish everybody a Happy New Year! We would also like to thank our community for being very supportive and wish them the best!


We recently released a new version of the PolisPay app, 8.1.1, this version addresses some issues that we found in the previous release.

The update was released with the following notes:

— Fixes issue when reopening the app it requested for users’ mnemonic phrase.

— Gift card history is now ordered from newest to oldest.

— UX and UI improvements.

— Bug fixes.

Disclaimer: only download the app from the official Google Play Store, App Store, and the official Github repository

Desktop version:

The next PolisPay release will include something our users have been asking for.


Happy New Year!

We wanted to take a moment to wish everybody a Happy New Year! We would also like to thank our community for being very supportive and wish them the best!

Partnership announcement

We are glad to announce the inclusion of TELOS to the PolisPay payment platform.

TELOS has always pushed towards innovation and cryptocurrency adoption, contributing new technologies that mainly focus on providing an open-source, decentralized blockchain with existing services like AmiCloud and the indieGO-Appstore for its users. We have found great potential in the PolisPay project, and we believe this breakthrough will have a profound impact on TELOS users and the whole crypto community.

Read more about the announcement here:

PolisPay: epay card showcase

We love to see our community members share their experience with our products, that is why we decided to share every week on Medium and Twitter the posts of our community using our products, whether that is the gift cards or any of the cards.
If you have a Twitter account, feel free to post the image, tag us and write #PolisPayShowcase.
On Discord, post your images at the #showcase channel.

This week, community member WarSee recently bought ice cream with the epay card! See what he posted:

Want to join the fun? Order the card here.

If you would like to know more about the epay, head to this post:

PolisPay: UnionPay cards

Regarding the PolisPay cards, there are some updates with the on-going process we would like to share:

— The UnionPay cards have arrived at our office.

— We are waiting on some documents for the API.

PolisPay mock design — Not the final product.

Olympus Protocol

The Olympus protocol was born when the Polis Core team realized the necessity of innovating on the blockchain technology field. The protocol inherits the fundamentals of the Bitcoin, Dash, and PeerCoin protocols, with some minor improvements.

With a new base code, the Olympus protocol seeks to give the development team the opportunity of innovating on uncharted aspects of the blockchain technology.

Important progress has been made regarding the Olympus network, the Olympus testnet is 60% and we will soon begin testing on the pre-alpha testnet. Once we launch the testnet we will release the technical paper.

Community Management and Outreach

We want to remind you that you can follow us on the following Social Media Networks:

We’re deeply grateful for all your support from our community and our partner’s communities, and we want to thank you for reading. Together we are strong, and we will strive just as we’ve done before to give you all the best!

Polis Ecosystem

Empowering people.

Polis Blockchain

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Polis is a cryptocurrency for communities. We use advanced decentralized blockchain technology and secure transactions. Polis empowers people $Polis

Polis Ecosystem

Empowering people.

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