Weekly Polis (12/31 to 01/06/2019)

Polis Core

  • The Polis Core team is still working on fixing the Windows 32 bits version of the app but still has multiple found bugs to fix.
  • The reward reduction of 20% is 2,000~ blocks away.


PolisPay Team

  • Fixed the requested refund on deposit fail.
  • UX improvements has been made.
  • Worked on the personalization of the PolisPay card.

PolisPay Beta

Community Management & Outreach

Social Media

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A Weekly Polis (such as this one) will be posted each Monday of each week in Medium, Discord and Bitcointalk and links to both will be shared across all social media.

The Polis Community

We’re deeply grateful with all your support and we want to thank you for reading. Great things are comming for all of the Polis Community. Great things are coming for Polis!