Linking the European People to the European Decision

Now we have proposed several necessary mechanisms in order to create a real European people, we must look at the best way to involve it in the European decision-making process. This part is about democratizing Europe.

  • Transparency and Accountability of the “Independents”: the European Commission, the Court of Justice and the European Central Bank

Mandatory public debates and declarations. Publication of contradictory arguments;

Integration of representatives of the European people in the discussions (Parliamentarians, NGOs, Trade-Unions);

Possibility of veto by the European people or its representatives;

Possibility of recommendations and decisions by the European people (Parliament’s vote, referendums, petitions).

  • A Truly Democratic Parliament

To standardize voting methods;

Introduction of a part of lottery in the designation of representatives;

Better sharing of commissions and key positions between nationalities;

Campaigns by true European parties and not national parties;

Official choice of the President of the Commission;

Right to resign a commissioner (individual responsibility);

More control over the policies of the independents (veto, representation inside);

More commitment in the definition of the EU budget;

Better integration of the national parliaments in the decisions (including in the Commission)

  • Administration and Expertise

Limitation of the “pantouflage”, circulations between the public and private sectors;

Transparency of expertise and the use of private cabinets;

Equity of nationalities represented in the administration;

Entry more open to social, political and ideological pluralism.

We have exposed a few conditions in favor of the legitimacy of the EU institutions. This democratic legitimacy would allow to create a much stronger and efficient Europe.

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