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GOP: Come clean to win

Secret consultant memo urges “Liar Liar” truth strategy

Jeffrey Denny


To: Republican National Committee

From: Marshland Political Strategies, LLC

Re: Winning America by telling the truth

In the past 20 years, the GOP has lost every Presidential popular vote except one, and that was GW Bush 18 years ago.

Red areas across America are turning Blue. We just lost the House and Senate again.

Forget the narrow margins — without our decades of gaming the electoral system, including our former President’s heroic efforts to manipulate the outcome, we would have lost even bigger in 2020.

The reasons are simple.

As America’s demographics evolve, our reliable white, older, uneducated, and mostly male voter base is shrinking.

We’re also struggling internally, divided between mainstream Republicans and Trump loyalists.

Many Americans — including many Republicans — also wonder what the GOP stands for anymore. What is our platform and policy agenda? Do we have anything more vote-worthy than opposing the Democrats, or the old anti-tax, antigovernment and anti-deficit stances (dogs that won’t hunt anymore since Americans generally approve of Biden’s pandemic response and stimulus)?

You can’t beat something with nothing, as the old saying goes.

But according to our surveys and focus groups, the Republican Party does have an agenda and a powerful “brand.”

We just need to be honest about it.

Most Americans, even our most passionate supporters, don’t need a dentist to know we’ve been lying through our teeth to hold on to power.

Some don’t care — all politicians lie. Or they buy our whatabout that the Democrats lie more, as if our lying is ok. Others welcome lies that confirm their beliefs. Still others believe our lies are truth and act on them, like the Capitol insurrectionists did.

President Trump was elected, strengthened his base, and almost won reelection by outright lying. But you can’t fool all the people all the time. Lying is not a sustainable long-term strategy. Indeed, sensible moderate Republicans and Independents are sick of the nonsense, especially the lying about the pandemic.

So, if Republicans are to retake and hold power over all three branches of government for the long term, we need a revolutionary new political strategy that will rejuvenate the party for the 21st century:

Tell the American people the truth about what the Republican Party really stands for.

Call it the “Liar Liar” strategy, after the 1997 Jim Carrey comedy. The movie teaches us that telling the truth, even if it’s terrible, can be a winning strategy.

To illustrate, Republicans should say straight out what we’re about:

We’re about winning.

It’s not how you play the game. Politics is an ugly game. Playing fair is for losers.

That’s why we’ve spent decades gerrymandering, carving out disjointed but safe Republican seats where we pick the voters, instead of voters picking us.

Winning is why we’re suppressing the vote in Georgia, Florida, Texas and other states where we’ve lost, and will continue to lose, if we don’t.

Winning is why we keep pushing the “Big Lie” that Trump was robbed of reelection. As our people have said in court, anyone with any sense knows the lie is a lie. But it amps up our foolish base, which we need to win.

We’re about racism.

This is painful to admit because we all know racism is wrong.

Republicans should never make openly racist comments, as some have, because it makes the party look racist.

We should say the GOP is a big-tent party that welcomes all views, unlike the Democrats with their cancel-culturing.

Ask voters: If you’re a racist at heart, which party most welcomes you? Which party do white supremacists belong to?

Look back. Ever since the Republican Party stopped being the true “Party of Lincoln,” from Reconstruction through Jim Crow and fighting civil rights, it has taken the racist position.

Everyone knows our voter suppression is racist. Our anti-immigration stance is also racist. It’s no coincidence we’re keeping out nonwhites. If we don’t, our voters will flee.

When Republicans retort to Black Lives Matter by saying White Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter, especially when the Capitol Insurrectionists attacked and killed Blue Lives, that’s racist.

When Republicans express disgust about the Derek Chauvin conviction, that’s racist.

When we display or defend the Confederate flag, statues or school names, which everyone knows stand for defense of slavery, that’s racist.

When we say slavery was a long time ago, let it go, and then defend Confederate symbols as preserving American heritage, that’s racist.

When we dismiss or declare we should stop obsessing about the Capitol Insurrection with white rioters waving the Confederate flag, or respond with what about BLM and Antifa burning our cities — that’s racist.

When we fall behind a President who called white supremacists chanting “Jews will not replace us!” in Charlottesville “very good people,” and those invading the Capitol “very special,” that’s racist.

So let’s not quibble and just be honest and embrace our racism. It would feel good to come out, be who we are, and maybe build a new generation of racist votes.

We’re about whatever.

You know the Groucho Marx quip: “If you don’t like my principles, I have others”? Well, let’s be honest that the GOP doesn’t have any principles anymore.

President Trump proved that nearly half of America and most Republicans don’t care about principles anyway.

Having principles can also make you a hypocrite. Ask Minority Leader McCarthy, who first condemned President Trump for inciting the Capitol riot and now has to crawl back to kiss his ring.

So let’s tell it on the mountain:

We don’t care about helping to spread a pandemic that has killed nearly 600,000 Americans by spreading doubts about the disease, masking, distancing and vaccinations.

We don’t care about trying to overturn a free, fair election, or the death threats sent to fellow Republicans — including judges and state legislators and officials — who confirmed it.

We don’t care about inciting the Capitol insurrection.

We don’t care about the hilarious hypocrisy of fueling distrust about the election and then justifying voter suppression by saying people distrust the election.

We don’t care if major corporations oppose our effort to suppress the vote as racist.

We don’t care if we’re the racism party.

We don’t care about undermining democracy.

We don’t care if the Russians helped elect our President.

We don’t care that our President committed impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors.

We don’t care about the domestic terrorism we’re fueling.

We don’t care if children are slaughtered by mass shooters with military grade weapons.

We don’t mind punishing Republicans when they stand on principle, even if we secretly agree with them.

We don’t care that our only principle now is loyalty to President Trump.

We don’t mind fooling enough people who believe in us most of the time.

We don’t mind being called hypocrites. Who cares? Everyone’s a hypocrite.

They say the truth will set you free.

That’s good. Even better if the awful truth appeals to enough voters to win elections.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer.



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