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Fox, “Let’s Be Real,” via New York Post

Joe Biden: puppet or dictator?

Or both? Diabolical!

Jeffrey Denny

A Trump lover commenting on my Facebook feed was outraged by a sweet, apolitical story about President Biden’s dogs Champ and Major.

She barked, “This is how you distract people from the fact Joe Biden is a puppet president with no agenda & prefers to be a dictator.”

To confess, I love reading Trumper comments for the complex pleasure of being delighted by irritation. Especially when the powerfully expressed opinions are misspelled, ungrammatical, illogical and simply re-bleat Trump media propaganda while calling people who disagree stupid sheep.

Yes, I’m ashamed to be a Facebook rubbernecker who can’t seem to resist slowing down to look at tragic wrecks.

But this particular Trumpy post raised existential questions that got me a-thinkin’.

Can puppets dictate? Can dictators be puppets? Can dictators dictate with no agenda? Can we be both dictator and puppet like Mark Zuckerberg?

Let’s “unpack” and “interrogate,” as coastal elites say, the Biden puppet-dictator dichotomy:

Biden is a puppet.

· This makes sense, since Biden is supposed to feeble-minded, even demented. In fact, according to my internet sources, “Biden” is just a sleepy brain in a pickle jar. Whether Hans Delbrück or Abby Normal, we’ll see. But we know he’s somehow kept alive with satisfying and energizing breakfast smoothies made from plant-based superfoods and baby blood.

· As such, Biden’s “appearance” at his sham inauguration and other events since he became “president” obviously were faked by advanced Jewish space laser scientists skilled in deepfake video apps.

· In any case, Biden is controlled by the leftist BLM Antifa AOC Pelosi Socialist anti-flag, anti-freedom, anti-insurrection America-haters.

· Biden himself admitted he’s a puppet. Do your research! According to my research, in his inaugural address, Biden said, “I pledge this to you: I will be a President for all Americans. I will fight as hard for those who did not support me as for those who did.” He basically said his 81 million voters, 74 million of his opponent’s voters and all 328 million Americans are pulling his strings.

· Biden made an Amazon truckload of campaign promises. For starters, he pledged to end the Covid pandemic, restore the economy, solve the climate crisis, advance racial equality, fix immigration, ensure healthcare coverage during a deadly pandemic, and reunite our country — all his first 100 days. Now Biden is controlled by his promises. Seems a little, shall we say, puppety?

· Doctor First Lady Jill Biden obviously is a strong, smart, accomplished, confident, remarkable woman. While she often appears in dresses or skirts, people are saying she wears the designer jeans in the family certainly better than Joe and who could doubt that. If Joe isn’t a little scared of Jill, he damned well better be like all decent emotionally healthy men who regard their spouses with an admixture of love, respect and terror. Ergo, Joe is Jill’s puppet!

· Since they say the Bidens banked billions in Chinese yuan ($200 USD), he’s obviously a puppet of President Xi Jinping instead of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden’s strong stance against China is just a wink-wink deal to sell out America to pay for his lavish Comcast Xfinity Triple Play bundle. And now like millions of other customers he’s a puppet of Comcast!

· Most of all, as anyone who loves dogs knows, Champ and Major Biden certainly are pulling Biden’s strings, his heart strings specifically because he has a heart, which makes him weaker than his dog-less and likely dog-kicking predecessor.

Biden is a dictator

· Starting with his Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Tasting Room Putsch (aka, the “Milton Delaware Putsch”), Biden and his Democrat Socialist Party rigged, faked and stole the election from our duly reelected Best President Ever.

· Fearing Biden’s wrath, retribution, death threats from his BLM/Antifa, and the very real likelihood of being “disappeared” by the liberal Deep State Secret Police, judges all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court rejected all 60 of the slam-dunk lawsuits filed by his duly reelected predecessor pleading for electoral justice on behalf of the American people.

· It’s passing strange how even judges appointed by the former president suddenly rejected their oath to the Constitution, risked being disbarred, and turned their backs on him. “Nobody loses 0–60 unless the deck is stacked,” a respected legal courtier to the robbed president told The New Yorker.

· Biden’s coup was far from bloodless — at least five died as courageous patriots stormed the U.S. Capitol to protest his election steal. The death toll could mount as these modern-day Patrick Henrys rejected Socialist government dictats to wear masks and distance to avoid suffering, dying and spreading of the Covid.

· Once installed as president, Biden — like King George III who our original patriots overthrew (do your research!)— signed dozens of executive orders from his pickle jar in his first week. While pretending to be a uniter, Biden has already further divided America.

· For example, in his initial regal edicts, Biden is already abusing his power to fight the Covid and save lives, help people who lost jobs and healthcare coverage, and reverse bad and hateful decisions by his predecessor that hurt America.

Granted, Biden just started as president.

So it’s hard to predict whether Biden will lean dictator like Geppetto the puppet-master, or be a puppet like Pinocchio. Or switch off, like a “Freaky Friday” thing. Or be both at once, like Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin in “All of Me.”

I’ll be dogging this, but please, if you love America, do your research!

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer.



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