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Republicans: Let’s play, ‘Would you rather?’

A handy test to choose between Trump or America

Jeffrey Denny

Respectable mainstream Republicans are on the horns of an historic dilemma.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s slither to Mar-a-Lago to bend over backwards, kiss the ring and lick the boots of Donald Trump was not just an astonishing moral contortion rivaling the formidable yoga pose Kala Bhairavasana, “Destroyer of the Universe.”

Nor was McCarthy’s genuflecting to Trump merely a miracle of shameless Faustian bargaining after Trump incited his domestic terrorist insurrection mobs to attack our Capitol and threaten lawmakers, including McCarthy’s own Republican caucus.

Most of all, when McCarthy sold his soul for unity with Trump to take back the House, he sounded the death knell of the old party formerly known as grand.

As sentient humans know:

The GOP is being overtaken by Trump and his dog’s breakfast of America’s Worst People: militant extremists and domestic terrorists, their sympathizers and fellow travelers, bottom-feeding media propagandists that sucker their MAGA marks for lucre, the MAGAs that love, swallow and regurgitate the lies, and the Republican politicians that fear and pander to them.

Trump has transformed the GOP into a cult, cabal and clan that would shock and disgust our Eisenhower-Nixon-Ford-Reagan-Bush-Bush-Romney parents and grandparents.

The new GOP is quickly becoming a confederacy of irredeemable dunces, neo-Nazi white male chauvinist nativist xenophobic ethnic-cleansers, Christ-disgracing Christians, heavily armed cosplay self-appointed unregulated militia “patriots,” clinically demented conspiracy theorists and mongers, and many other righteous whack-job knuckle-draggers.

Remember when “courageous” Republicans like South Carolina governor Nikki Haley took down Confederate flags that defiantly stand for hate, sedition, insurrection and the right to enslave Black people? Now leading Republicans ask us to forget, in the cause of unity, that Trump rioters waved the Stars and Bars as they ransacked our Capitol.

As Republican lawmakers cower in fear of miffing Trump’s trogs and trolls and being primaried from the sociopathic wing of the party, the 19th century racist flag is now tattooed on the 21st century “Party of Lincoln.”

This inexorably results from decades of cynical GOP gerrymandering for “safe” seats, which has backfired by empowering idiots they now must respect/fear. Like Dr. Frankenstein, Republicans have created a monster that now controls them.

I pity normal Republicans.

I know many. I’ve worked with many. I’m friends with many. I respect their views even if I disagree, and sometimes I even agree.

So my heart goes out to good Republicans when Trumpers smear and send them death threats calling them enemy RINOs for daring to question Trump.

For the good of their party if not the nation, decent Republicans need to pull up their Pull-Ups®, make a choice and take a stand whether they’re with or against Trump. It’s now or never.

To help out, I offer a simple test of “would you rather?”

Ask yourself, mainstream Republicans:

· Would you rather roll your eyes about what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, or prevent militant certified nut-job Marjorie Taylor Greene from being the fresh new face of your party?

· Would you rather fall for McCarthyite paranoiac fear-mongering that a Socialist lurks under every bed, or face the real threat that a fascist autocrat is taking over your party and country?

· Would you rather see The Squad raising impertinent questions in the democratic process, or the Trump Sedition Caucus raising hell to defeat the democratic process?

· Would you rather be irritated by pink-hat women marching on Washington against male tyranny, or worried about red-hat men marching on Washington for male tyranny? (If you’re a guy and need help with this, ask your spouse and kids.)

· Would you rather see a peaceful BLM protest armed with slogans like a cardboard sign hung on a dog saying, “Good boys against racism,” or a violent white supremacist protest armed with AR-15s and slogans like “Hang Mike Pence!” or “Jews will not replace us!”

· Would you rather be aghast when an anti-fascist protestor throws a can of soup at a pro-fascist inciter, or when pro-fascists commanded by the President of the United States to overturn his election defeat storms and ransacks our Capitol, literally shits in the halls, and tries to hunt down our elected leaders?

· Would you rather denounce the attack on our Capitol and the president and Congressmen who incited and inspired it, or haughtily declare a debunked false equivalency like, “what about the BLM Antifa rioters that burned down our cities?” which is a tacit defense of the Capitol attack?

· Would you rather trust Newsmax to feed you what you already believe, or The Wall Street Journal or Financial Times for verified facts, professional journalism and a mix of respectable opinion that hones and maybe advances your views?

· Would you rather parrot right-wing media spin, whatabouts, lies about the “stolen” election and claims that Democrats are Socialists, or — if you’re an educated coastal and comfortable elite — let your schooling, knowledge, critical thinking, patriotism and moral compass admit Trump is terrible for America?

· Would you rather your kids grew up emulating every president that was presidential, or the twice-impeached 45th president, a compulsive liar insulting bully and sore loser who takes pleasure in being vicious and vindictive, uses and discards people like Diet Coke cans, declares himself above the law, leverages the presidency for power and money like a tin-pot dictator, and tried to destroy our democracy?

I assume decent Republicans — forced to choose — would put country over Trump, Trumpism and Trumpers.

I also worry that good Republicans who fail to reject Trump — for whatever expedient reasons — will forever wear his stain. And they’re not really decent Republicans.

Jeffrey Denny is a Washington writer.



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Jeffrey Denny

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