According to TheDailyBeast article, forty republicans who voted for the American Health Care Act earned a sweet $2 million off of their investments in healthcare companies as a result of passage of the legislation. At least, we now have some insight into their decisions. After all, what would provoke our elected officials to vote for a health bill that, according to the CBO, would cost 23 million Americans healthcare!!!??? Why would they vote to worsen the healthcare of their constituents? We know now, they voted for this bill to fatten their wallets. Many sick children will die, but at least they got some extra cash!

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The investments may be worth as much as $39 million and grossed as much as $6 million in profits, according to the disclosure reports that require members of Congress to report investments and income within a price range. TheDailyBeast article

Republican politicians that voted for AHCA own shares in medical companies that are poised to save billions of dollars in taxes and fees on drug companies and medical-device companies.

Rep. MacArthur of New Jersey, for example, made between $142,000 and $472,000 in capital gains on those sweet investments, according to his disclosure forms.

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MacArthur has been taking a lot of heat back in Jersey for supporting this damning healthcare bill. About two weeks ago, MacArthur faced hundreds of angry protesters. MacArthur got flustered and said, “I hear people calling their congressman an idiot,” he said. “I wonder, really wonder, how any one of you would perform in Congress.” CBSNews article

That was before it was revealed how much MacArthur was pocketing by denying your child life saving medicine! I wonder how those protesters will greet him now? MacArthur contributed an amendment that grants insurance companies the ability to deny coverage to some people with pre-existing conditions.

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Another unethical republican, Rep. Chris Collins of New York, holds $6.5 million in stock in two medical companies. Collins authored an amendment in the AHCA that forces states to pay more into Medicaid.

Another evil republican who stands to make a fortune as a result of Trumpcare passing, is Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan. Upton authored an amendment that provides up to $8 billion for states to establish “high-risk pools” for pre-existing conditions. Seemingly, this is a victory for our nation’s healthcare. In fact, Upton’s amendment was inserted to simmer fears that some Americans would find it impossible to buy insurance.

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When asked about these blatant conflicts of interest, spokespeople for these politicians all gave the same excuse. According to them, such crooked investments are controlled as part of family trusts or managed portfolios. Therefore, the investments don’t really belong to the politician, just his family.

Would you accept that excuse when you are lying in the hospital?

Thanks a lot, Trumpkins!

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This disturbing enlightenment also sheds some understanding on way these politicians were so in favor of Trumpcare. They knew, if Trumpcare passed, they would make fortunes in stock revenues.

“I don’t understand why members of Congress don’t do that,” Richard Painter said, the lead ethics lawyer in George W. Bush’s White House. “The bottom line is that these folks are supposed to be in Congress to represent their constituents, not maximize their wealth. It’s fine if you want to be a stock picker, but go be a stock picker, not a member of Congress.” TheDailyBeast article