According to Washington Post, 1 in 3 Republicans Hoping Trump Won’t Run in 2020

Halfway through a president’s first term, you know they are in deep trouble if a third of their party is hoping they won’t run again. According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, one in three republicans don’t want Trump to be on the 2020 ticket.

A little speculation of my own: one third of republicans don’t want Trump to run again and one third of republicans are infatuated with him (that’s the 30% who have always approved of him in every single Trump poll taken). And a third are undecided. If we are to assume, that at the end of the day, half of those undecideds hop on the Trump train and half don’t. Now it seems that half of republicans don’t approve of Trump. We know for fact that a third doesn’t. In reality, that number will be somewhere in between.

Doesn’t that blow your mind? A third of the voters of the party of the sitting president wants him out of politics!

But according to him, and any Trumpkin you ask, Trump has done more than any president in history. Of course, this is Trump’s logic, that if you say something enough times, people will believe it. What has he done? He passed a monster tax bill, that stole from your kid’s education and your grandma’s healthcare and gave it to himself and his wealthy friends. He got a lot of staunchly conservative judges in all over the country, as well as the Supreme Court. He successfully divided the country more effectively than any president in history (maybe besides Abraham Lincoln, but then again, he still can start another civil war). I reckon, those are the only accomplishments I could think of.

They always simply say that he accomplished so much. They will never tell you what he accomplished.

It seems odd. If Trump is so convinced he has been such a exceptional president, why does a third of republicans hope he doesn’t run again? I think, it will turn out that a massive percentage of people who voted for him, will wind up regretting it.

Already, just two years into his presidency, a third of republicans regret voting for him. What will happen after Mueller’s report is released? How much will that number rise? How about if (when) Donald Trump is convicted? And every detail of his elaborate collusion in which the president of the United States conspired with a foreign power, is revealed. I bet you more republicans will regret voting for Trump.

All of those republicans, albeit uneducated and naive, were tricked. They all trusted Trump so much, because they wanted to. After every single republican politician lied and cheated, they wanted a republican they could trust. MAN! Did they pick the wrong guy! When they find out the extent in which Trump tricked them, I’m sure many more of them will turn against Trump.

A more interesting poll would be the democrats that voted for Trump or those that loved Bernie so much, they just decided to stay home. I wonder how they feel now? Blame them just as much as the republican.