Alexander Porfirievich Torshin was supposed to meet with our president on February 1. However, according to White House sources, the meeting was canceled as a result of the backlash this meeting compelled. Torshin is a Russian politician and banker. Torshin is also very close with Putin. He is also considered a “godfather” in the Russian mafia!

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Spanish anti-corruption prosecutor refers to Torshin as a godfather in the Russian mafia. What were they going to discuss, we may never know. However, every American citizen should be petrified that foreign gangsters are meeting with our president, Elpais article.

Alexander Torshin instructed members of the Moscow-based Taganskaya crime syndicate how to launder dirty monety through banks and properties in Spain while he was a working for Russian parliament, the Spanish Civil Guard said in a confidential report. Torshin denies any wrongdoing and said that him and the Russian crime lord Alexander Romanov are just buddies, Bloomberg.

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Torshin is a member of the National Rifle Association. He has met with Donald Trump before and even ate dinner with Donald Trump Jr, at the gun lobby’s annual convention, Bloomberg.

Republicans are unable to label this article as “fake news”, thanks to investigations conducted in Spain. 33 recorded telephone conversations between, the person who was supposed to have a meeting with our president, Torshin and Romanov reveal that they are not just buddies, as Torshin said. In fact, they are meticulous business partners, ElPais article.

All of these facts were uncovered as a result of a meticulous Spanish investigation. The President of the United States is consorting with Russian gangsters! Americans should be petrified!

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“As a consequence of the phone tapping carried out in the aforementioned inquiries it has been ratified that, above Romanov, on a higher hierarchical level, is Alexander Torshin. In the numerous phone conversations and with different contact persons, Alexander Romanov himself recognized his subordination before someone who he describes as ‘the Godfather’ or ‘the boss’ … which in itself is telling when it comes to situating their relationship.”