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Think America is divided now? We are about to embark on thirty years of civil unrest. With our Supreme Court predominantly republican, the law of the land will be opposed by the people. As terrible a scenario as that is, there is one person who will be cheering America’s destruction, Putin. Coincidentally, Putin is allegedly the person who stole our election and replaced Hillary with Donald Trump. This is all Putin’s master plan. Everything is transpiring much better than he could have ever dreamed!

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Kavanaugh, will be the newest conservative judge. Kavanaugh’s views on many important social platforms oppose the opinion of the land. What will happen when America’s laws on abortion and immigration vastly contradict the opinion of the majority of the American citizen? Now that the Supreme Court lay with republicans, Roe v. Wade days are numbered. Imagine that! Living in a country were women are considered unable to decide for themselves if they want to keep their children? What will such ramifications mean for America?

Women who have to have an abortion, will get an abortion, at any costs. If they have the cash, they will just take a trip to a neighboring country that performs abortions. But what about women who can’t afford an abortion? This is where it gets sad. As a result of old white man legislation, countless women will die. Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Lindsey Graham and every other republican have scored an amazing victory with these stolen Supreme Court Justices. However, it is the young and beautiful women who will die in illegal abortions that will pay the cost of their victory.

Nearly 25 out of the 56 million abortions performed worldwide each year between 2010 and 2014 were unsafe, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Many of these terminations or attempts end up in death: At least 22,800 women die from complications each year after trying to terminate their pregnancies in an unsafe setting, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

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That isn’t America. That isn’t what our founding fathers planned, that little pregnant girls would die in back alley abortions. They aren’t allowed to have abortions, because abortions are deemed bad in the religion of the people sculpting the laws? This is discrimination. If you can afford a safe abortion you live, if you can’t, you die. The bottom line is, once abortions are illegal, any pro-lifer argument is at a disadvantage. We will be advocating a crime — something the highest court in the land deems illegal. It’ll be like all those religious nuts standing on the corner, waving a sign condemning abortions, are vindicated. After decades of passionately fighting, Donald Trump has delivered and handed them their sweetest victory!

Do you think that this group of uneducated voters will relinquish their power? No. They have god on their side. They will launch a holy war to defend their opinions. Rivers of blood will flow, before American law returns to pre-Kavanaugh.

As America goes up in smoke, Putin will be playing his fiddle.

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What happens when the highest court in the land, that crafts legislation that you and your children and their children will obey, does not reflect the status quo? Especially as the old white conservative dies and is replaced by a young liberal, and as more liberal foreigners arrive on our beaches. Think it is bad now. What happens in ten years? When our population contains more liberal minded people than today, yet we will still be forced to obey these conservative rules that no one agrees with.

Kavanaugh’s previous rulings on the separation of church and state is another reason to fear an America under this Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh has supported prayer in school, school vouchers, tax aid to religious groups.

In Priests for Life v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Kavanaugh argued that employers can cite religious beliefs to deny their employees’ access to contraceptive coverage. He was out of step with most federal appeals courts here, which ruled in the opposite manner. Kavanaugh’s views, if extrapolated, could allow businesses, health care professionals and others to deny goods and services to LGBTQ people. AU

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Also, what about when Kavanaugh refused to answer if he agreed that someone could be barred from entering America, depending on what their religion is. Really? How hard is it for a Supreme Court Judge nominee to say ‘No, religion should not be a factor determining entrance into the country.’ In fact, that question is so blatantly simple, the fact that he did not answer it, make me think he would rule to block religions from entering our country.

Imagine an America, where certain religions can’t enter our country; and where children, regardless of their religion, will be penalized if they don’t pray to Jesus and where women must risk death during abortions. This sounds more like a third world country than America.

By definition, a land ruled by a tiny group of people does not reflect a democracy.



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