Blackwater Founder and Brother of Trump’s Secretary of Education Secretly Meets with Putin Associate on a Tropical Island a Week Before Trump Inauguration

The swamps are now turning into black-water. Every day, the dark sludge rises another inch across Washington. The swamp is growing. Not only has Trump failed to drain the swamp, but the pollution has never been so thick.

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According to a Washington Post article, the United Arab Emirates secretly arranged a meeting between Erik Prince and a Russian close to Putin. The objective was to establish a secretive back and forth between Moscow and President Trump. The United Arab Emirates apparently was trying to get in between Russia and Iran. Apparently, now America is a player in this deception as well.

Nine days before Trump’s inauguration, the meeting took place on the beautiful tropical Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean. This has all been validated by U.S, European and Arab officials.

A few questions however, remain unanswered. For example, what was Erik Prince doing as an “unofficial” representative of our president? My guess is that they needed someone not “officially” connected with Trump to conduct such a cloak and dagger meeting.

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Erik Prince donated $250,000 to Trump’s campaign. Such a donation got his sister, Betsy DeVos the education secretary position in Trump’s cabinet. Remember the backlash Trump got as a result of nominating her? Betsy had spent her life trying to dismantle public education, and now she was in control of our nation’s educational system!?

Now, we know why she kept the nomination.

Another question is why Erik Prince would donate $250,000 to Trump. Erik Prince’s Blackwater was one of the most lucrative organizations of the war in Iraq. As a result of Junior’s lies, tax payers paid Erik Prince billions of dollars. He certainly got one sweet deal!

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At the time that Erik wrote this phat check, Trump wouldn’t shut up about how anti-war he was. Trump also kept repeating how against he was with the war in Iraq. Why would Blackwater founder write such an enormous check to someone who keeps professing what a peace lover they are? He must have been certain that Trump would be requesting his services.

Now, it seems a clandestine relationship concerning military contracts and the Trump organization had begun even before inauguration.

U.S official said that the FBI knew about the meeting that took place on the Seychelles Islands. Washington Post article.

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