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Brexit, Populism and Nationalism were only Lies Used to Trick the Uneducated into Voting For Trump — Part 2

Jordan Arizmendi
Mar 18, 2019 · 5 min read
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But then let’s look all over the world. Look at Russia. Putin and Russia were headed for a disaster.

A 2015 statistic revealed that Russia accounts for 12% of all oil produced in the world. Russia is the largest exporter of natural gas in the world.

It is good for Russia (or rather probably just good for Putin), to be such a global oil powerhouse. However, just look at Russia’s current economy to observe the disadvantages of an economy so reliant on a single natural resource.

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A few years ago, Russia was about to explode. With oil prices as low as they have been plus, those sanctions the western world imposed on Russia seemed to be the final nail in Russia’s coffin. A few years ago, financial devastation seemed inevitable for Russia. But then a light bulb turned on over Putin’s head, and he realized that if he helped leaders across the world get elected, maybe then, they would lift those sanctions.

Whether or not Putin interfered in OUR election is no longer a question. About a year ago, Mueller issued a 37 page indictment against Russia’s Internet Research Agency. The indictment revealed a massive campaign by Russia to build sophisticated think tanks to influence American opinion. The sole mission was to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

But Putin had other concerns around the world — other elections bubbling that potentially could devastate Russia’s (Putin’s) economy. Putin saw a massive chess game while observing the map of the world. For him to succeed, a number of elections had to go his way. Such important factors could not be decided by fate. Putin had to interfere in these elections.

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Experts said Russia’s aim was to support France’s far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, whose National Front party received an $11.7-million loan from a Russian bank in 2014, according to several international news reports. Russia has also reportedly lent money to Greece’s Golden Dawn, Italy’s Northern League, Hungary’s Jobbik and the Freedom Party of Austria — all far-right nationalist parties. LATimes

Brexit was the crown of Putin’s plan. Putin would love nothing more than to see the EU dissolve. Instead of neighboring one of the largest military-mights in the world, Russia would have much preferred to neighbor a bunch of weak and puny little countries.

It was certainly worth a try, but it doesn’t seem like Putin’s plan is working out. Putin’s troubles have only gotten worse under President Trump. Just a few weeks after Trump was elected, congress voted to apply heavier sanctions on Russia. All the effort the poor guy expended, and now Putin is worse off than he was before he placed The Donald in office. Why would Putin want to keep helping out republicans?

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A few years ago, the future looked quite promising for Putin. Back then, Trump was just elected, England just voted to get out of the EU and the upcoming French election looked very good. Since then, everything has gone downhill for Putin. How much faith do you think he has in Trump? Could it be less than you or me? Before you answer that one, remember that you aren’t risking billions of dollars on him.

What will Putin’s role be in our next election? Things won’t get much better for Putin under democratic rule, but it sure as heck-fire won’t get any worse. Perhaps Putin holds some resentment, considering all he did for Trump and he got squat in return. The world is laughing at Putin. Not many people get the best of Putin, the world’s wealthiest man. Do you think Putin will continue to work to get republicans in office? What have republicans done for him?

Rupert Murdoch is another big player in the Brexit push. You think Murdoch and Fox News is a burden in America? He practically controls England as well. Compared to the rest of Europe, British is more right-wing. Murdoch owns both The Sun and The Star, two of the biggest periodicals in England. Pick up a random copy and chances are, you’ll read some anti-EU story, condemning minorities.

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On 6 February 2016, The Daily Telegraph published a story saying Abu Hamza’s daughter-in-law “cannot be deported from Britain despite a criminal past because of human rights laws, an EU law chief has ruled”. However, a court ruling did not happen — this incident was merely an opinion from a European Court of Justice’s advocate general.

On 16 May 2016, the Daily Express published the story “Soaring cost of teaching migrant children”, detailing the cost of educating children from the European Union had hit £3.2bn per year. This story was inaccurate because it defined anyone with at least one parent from the European Economic Area as a migrant child.

On 15 June 2016 — just eight days before the Brexit vote — the Daily Mailpublished a front-page story with the headline “We’re from Europe — let us in!” next to a picture of a lorry of migrants. The migrants were actually from Kuwait and Iraq. Independent

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Across the pond in America, many uneducated are also influenced by similar right wing media stories to despise minorities and inspire nationalism and populism. Putin, Trump and Rupert Murdoch are on a mission to destroy democracy around the world. If they succeed, all three stand to profit immensely.



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