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Brexit, Populism and Nationalism were only Lies Used to Trick the Uneducated into Voting For Trump — Part 1

Jordan Arizmendi
Mar 16, 2019 · 5 min read
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50 Muslims died in a brutal mass killing in New Zealand the other day. The tragedy is unspeakable. What makes this disaster even worse, is that the New Zealand mosques shooting suspect called the president of the United States a ‘symbol of white supremacy’ and claimed he was just a ‘regular white man’.

While Obama was president, I doubt any American would believe that our next president would be a hero for the white supremacists. Even today, after the disgusting events in New Zealand, Trump still refuses to denounce white supremacists.

No president, let alone individual person, has compelled such hatred and murder in American history than President Trump. Even the most hardened Trumpkin can not deny that hate crimes are on the rise. According to PoliceOne, in 2018 hate crimes rose by 17% compare to 2017. Trump became president by appealing to the uneducated masses of our country. For the very first time, a president was actually approving their racist hatred. After our first black president, President Trump verified their hatred for minorities. Trump’s message to them was that they were losing America to the minorities. They had to fight to get their country back

It is common that politicians say anything to get elected. However, Trump’s lies were especially grandiose. After all, Trump had never held a political office before. He certainly was not going to win with the usual political hocus-pocus. Trump needed to find dumb people who would believe his lies. And then he began to lie bigly! Turns out all of his campaign promises turned out to be lies. Oh yeah, except the promise to cut his own taxes. His trailer park, cross burning supporters might save 40 bucks a year, but Trump’s tax cuts saved him millions!

Trump campaigned on a ginormous infrastructure bill, twice as big as Hillarys’. From his campaign, Trump really wanted to help his unemployed and uneducated supporters. He was supposed to get those coal mines back open. He campaigned on pulling out of NAFTA and getting us universal healthcare. All popular populism promises. Remember him wearing the hard hat, in front of a cheering and huge audience? All those lies! Guess what? His administration announced the other month that there’d be no infrastructure bill, and no coal mines were opening.

Kicking out Hispanics and banning Muslims, none of this happened. It excited his base though. It even works today when he mentions those promises, and how liberals blocked him from fulfilling them.

None of his promises transpired. Instead, from the first minute he walked into the White House, him and his cronies got to work sculpting the largest tax bill in our history. ALL republicans care about is lowering taxes for themselves. Abortion, immigration, the wall, everything else is just a prop to gain support so their tax cuts are passed.

So when his supporters thought Trump was going to care for them, they were terribly mistaken. Ironically, Obamacare, was designed to help the poor and indigent afford health insurance for themselves and their children. The same people that would have benefited most from Obamacare, were tricked into despising it the most!! LOL!!! Republicans fooled their supporters into hating Obamacare. Why? Because the top elite were the ones who Obamacare would cost the most. And those top elite are the ones calling the shots in the republican party.

Similar right wing think tanks that gave us Trump, are at work in England compelling animosity towards minorities as well as nationalism, resulting in the huge drive for Brexit. But in the end, these think tanks, that are tricking their supporters into thinking that they are working for them, also have a much more capitalistic and self driven agenda.

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A web of wealthy think tanks, lobbying groups, and organizations that seem to blur the line between such distinctions are behind them. These individuals and organizations are bound by a shared dream of deregulating the British economy and opening it up to U.S. markets — billed as the “Brexit prize.” In this vision, Britain escapes the EU to become a free-market idyll, shorn of all EU regulations — a nation at once enclosed in a historical sovereignty and exposed to all the market forces of a globalized world. NewRepublic

The mass murder that just took place in New Zealand is one of the most disgusting events I have ever seen. What makes this disturbing event even more heinous is the fact that our president, the very man we elected to president, encourages such slayings.

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Do we blame Trump for the mass murder that just took place in New Zealand or do we blame the idiots that voted for him? I hope you have a real tough time sleeping tonight if you did not vote for Hillary.



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