Connecting the Disgusting Dots of Corruption Between Trump and Russia

Remember Trump’s oath to squash corruption in Washington? If you REALLY believed that a man who settled a lawsuit for stealing tuition money from little high school students, would be the one to end Washington corruption, you can’t be the sharpest tool in the shed. This includes everyone that didn’t vote for Hillary. Even if you fell for all the lies they spat out about her and decided to stay home on election day, we blame you as much as those that voted for Trump. Shame on you.

Anyway, Trump was supposed to stop all the corruption. Instead he has made the corruption so prevalent, the swamp is gushing through the streets. According to Huffington Post, the day after Donald Trump lifted the sanctions on a massive Russian company owned by oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a member of Trump’s transition team, Christopher Bancroft Burnham, became a board member of this sanctioned Russian company.

The Treasure Department imposed these sanctions as a result of Russia’s “malign activity around the globe”. Sanctions were lifted on these companies, only after a deal was made. The deal announced seven new directors, four of them are either American or British. Ironically, America and Britain are Russia’s biggest Western foes. In the eyes of corruption, I’m sure this plush arrangement will be a massive diplomatic win for Russia in the future.

Could this article get any more disgusting? Yes.

The lucky Trump transition team member who just scored a plush seat on the board of the Russian Company was a former Deutsche Bank executive. Deutsche bank is known as a place to launder dirty money. Deripaska, the sanctioned Russian oligarch, as well as Donald Trump, have been long time clients of Deutsche Bank.

The call to action follows a raid at Deutsche Bank AG’s headquarters in Frankfurt in connection to a money laundering investigation, while Denmark’s biggest lender, Danske Bank A/S, is facing criminal charges on about $230 billion that flowed through its tiny Estonian unit. Earlier this year, one of the biggest banks in Latvia — home of the EU’s financial services chief — was closed after the U.S. accused it of assisting North Korea’s ballistic-missile program. Bloomberg

There is no mystery to the corruption going on. You could follow the money and favors from one Russian gangster to Donald Trump and then back again. It is disgusting!