Despite Promises, Trump’s First Two Years Proved Disastrous for Coal Mines

Trump made a lot of bizarre campaign promises like kicking out every Hispanic and Muslim in the country, building a fantastical wall, refusing to eat another Oreo until Nabisco moves production back from Mexico, or “Stand[ing] with the oppressed people of Venezuela yearning to be free.” I could write volumes of this stuff. By far, my favorite Trump campaign promise was to bring back coal.

Coal is a great thing to campaign on. From a distance, it appears to really answer a lot of America’s problems. Coal is cheap and it could be found everywhere. PLUS, it would make us less dependent on foreign oil. Coal could be mined and then used right in our backyard! Hands down, coal is the best source of energy we’ve got,

Those abandoned coal mines were some of Trump’s first campaign stops. Ironically, those areas turned out to be Trump’s most loyal supporters. Even to this day, despite Trump doing absolutely NOTHING for the unemployed coal miner, they still wear their torn MAGA hats and still proudly support him.

I guess that is not necessarily true. Trump did do something for the unemployed coal miner, he gave them hope, albeit for a short amount of time.

Rural areas that once held thriving coal mines, have become desolate graveyards, brimming with meth addicts. These people are hopeful. When Trump showed up in city hall, flashing those jars of snake oil, they saw a messiah. Finally, a political figure that wanted to help them!

I wonder if they realize that Trump never intended to help them now. After all, the only thing he did was pick the most vulnerable and hopeful Americans, and used them to attain power.

That past paragraph is pretty vicious, but I stand 100% behind it. Trump knew he would never get those coal mines open, just because the feat was so impossible. Imagine what it would take. Not only does it cost a lot more for factories to use coal, but it is much more harmful to the economy than natural gas or oil.

The first impediment was backing out of all of those environmental accords. Trump was able to take us out of the Paris Accord. Despite it doing nothing to bring back coal, and it was very harmful to our children’s planet, the move made it LOOK like he was bringing back coal. While we were a member of the Paris Accord, any American company that used coal had to pay a huge fine. Hence, Trump’s Flinstonian logic, ‘get out of the Paris Accord, and then people could use coal.’

According to the US Energy Information Administration, more coal power plants closed during Trump’s first two years than Obama’s first four years. Despite all of the legislation like proposing lighter emission limits and less restrictive pollution standards, no one wants to use coal anymore.

When manufactures consider their choices of energy sources, coal is not competitive. To force manufactures to use coal, despite its cost and despite the harm coal causes to the country, won’t happen.

Even more fascinating, were his google-eyed supporters, who actually fell for this nonsense. His supporters were so convinced that Trump was going to walk across the ocean and hurl his lightning bolts and zap them all back to work. In fact, they were so convinced that they actually rejected free career retraining programs!

In 2017, many people living in hard hit areas, where abandoned coal mines led to prevalent drug addiction and poverty, refused Obama-era career retraining programs. Why? Cause they all believed Trump was going to reopen those coal mines! Reuters

In my opinion, this could be the most disgusting thing Trump has done. That is too bold of statement, let’s say ONE of the most disgusting things. These unemployed coal miners could have started a new career. Instead, they remained unemployed, because they were bedazzled by Trump’s lofty promises. Trump took advantage of the most hopeful and rejected people in the country. He promised the uneducated, the dirt poor, the drug addicted forgotten segment of our society a new life. He knew this was a lie all along. Hopefully, those unemployed coal miners have discovered that Trump played them like a fiddle.