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Despite the Levels of Hatred, Don’t Expect Trump to Ever Tone Down his Fear Mongering

Two nights ago, after a gut wrenching day of bomb deliveries, Trump held a rally. All day, news analysts kept predicting Trump would drastically change his message, during this speech. The bombs were all delivered to Trump critics. It was as if one of his minions was trying to satisfy Trump by attempting to kill his critics. As a result, analysts assumed that Trump that instead of imploring his very impressionable and uneducated base to hate the media and democrats, Trump would unite us.

After all, this is the president of the United States. What sort of president goes out of his way to have Americans try to kill each other? The last two days, bombs were sent to the addresses of CNN, the Clintons, the Obamas and more.

I was curious to see what he would do. For Trump, it isn’t so simple. Giving a speech about unity is contradictory to who he is. Would there be a Trump without hatred? Would Hitler have existed, without fear mongering? Of course not. Trump’s ex wife has said that Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed. He used to study Hitler’s persuasive tactics. BusinessInsider

When he began his speech, I was impressed. For a second, he sounded like a president. He asked Americans to “unify and send a clear message that acts of political violence have no place in the United States.”

Despite the fact, that the day before he was applauding a republican that body slammed a reporter, Trump’s message sounded great. But if he really wanted to unite us, he could have done a lot more. If Trump valued the unity of Americans more than his own power, he would have gone about his speech much differently.

Imagine if Trump invited Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton to his rally. On stage, he held hands with them, and told his base that they were his friends. Instead of debasing them, Trump would list the good things they do. Standing next to Hillary, instead of insisting that she go to jail, he discussed her charity, and how many people it saved and fed. Think of the message that would resonate with his base.

In Trump’s defense, if he did that, the 35% of supporters he has would drop to maybe 20%, if that much. His alt-right white supremacist groupies would drop him like an empty meth pipe if Trump and Hillary began singing kumbaya.

It only took a few hours, for Trump to entirely return to his hate mongering voice. Check out the tweet he wrote yesterday morning.

If I am a Trump supporter, defending Trump’s glorious vindication of America, and I read that, what am I supposed to think? The news media is the enemy. CNN and MSNBC are the enemies.

Also, he is always railing about “fake news”, yet has he ever pointed to a single story that is “fake”? It sure would help his case if Trump could illustrate a single fact that is not true. Or is a story “fake” because it is critical of his leadership skills.

If I was impressionable enough to send bombs to institutions that someone suggested, and this person claimed the media was the culprit, I’d probably send a bomb to Fox News, the number one media conglomerate in the country. But I guess we are supposed to believe that the news media is corrupt EXCEPT the leading news agency. Which makes no sense.

So what is his end game? Why does Trump insist on perpetuating this game of hatred? Why would anyone, let alone the most powerful man in the world, want to incite hatred and not peace?

During the elections, I wrote several articles about Trump’s intentions. He didn’t want to win. His plan was to start Trump TV. Why else would he stock his cabinet with Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon?

His goal is still the same. When he is out of office, he will start TrumpTV. His fan base are so enamored with him, they would gladly pay a $99 annual subscription fee. The day he starts singing praise to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, all future TrumpTV subscribers are out. Think about it. After stoking this hatred for so long, when Trump is out of office, his minions will need a news source to validate their hatred and perpetuate their fear. If Trump threw in the towel and became friends with Hillary and George Soros, there would be no need for TrumpTV.

This entire presidency is all about him. He doesn’t care if people send bombs to your house. All he wants is power and money. He will continue to hold on to his power, as long as America hates each other. Sad to see the president of the United States tricking so many of our neighbors to fear each other. What a sad day.



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