Donald Trump Jr. is Just a Sad and Bitter Little Man, Whose ego Desperately Needs to be President

I love watching Trump’s kids. You can see the unrelenting confidence that their father stamped across each of their gigantic foreheads. Like the day after Trump became president, his daughter was actually auctioning lunch dates with her. For the right price, have lunch with Ivanka. Within an hour, the proposition was removed.

Despite the legality and the ethic ramifications, Ivanka must have thought, ‘if Pappy could do it, why can’t I?’ Spawning from Donald Trump, the sperm of Satan, Ivanka is always thinking of financial gain. Thus, as soon as her dad became president, Ivanka was immediately profiting from it (or at least, desperately trying to).

Donald Trump Jr. has always struck me as a sad and bitter little man. The guy has more issues than a news stand. Most kids born in the lap of luxury will go through life lugging some unpleasant mental quagmires on their shoulders.

With a father like Donald, the aspirations are set really high. I’m sure Junior loses sleep every night dreaming about being as “awesome” as his dad. Before Trump became president, him and his son didn’t have the greatest relationship.

In fact, when Junior was going to school, he expressed a vehement hatred of his father to his class mates.

Scott Melker went to school with Donald Trump Jr. at the University of Pennsylvania. Scott wrote a stunning description of Junior in college. Junior was a drinker of epic proportions. According to Melker’s Facebook post, Junior would drink until he was passed out.

Donald Jr. was a drunk in college. Every memory I have of him is of him stumbling around on campus falling over or passing out in public, with his arm in a sling from injuring himself while drinking. MiamiNewTimes

Most articles about Don Jr., illustrate his desperation to escape his life. When his father’s extramarital affairs with Marla Maples came public, Don Jr. was devastated. He didn’t talk to his father for a year and even refused to attend the wedding. Don Jr. was sent to a very strict boarding school in Pennsylvania.

Classmates at the boarding school said that Don Jr. was very quiet. In addition, they said that his father did not visit him very much.

“I remember nothing of his dad except him showing up to give a bad career day speech,” Greenlee, whose older brother played squash with Don Jr., told the Guardian. “I don’t remember his father coming to see Donny play squash or visiting Eric in the dormitory.” TheGuardian

Junior even corroborated his days of debauchery. In a 2004 interview, Junior admitted,

‘To be fairly candid, I used to drink a lot and party pretty hard,” Don Jr. admitted in the 2004 interview. ‘And it wasn’t something that I was particularly good at. I mean, I was good at it, but I couldn’t do it in moderation.’ People

Don Jr.’s drinking was such a problem in college, that they called him Diaper Don, because he would regularly piss himself.

I’m no Sigmund Freud, but one could easily observe the battle ground for some serious competition laying down. During college, Junior was so intimidated by his father’s splendor, that he could only get shit faced and hide in his shell.

He can’t do that anymore. He has to triumph over his father. He has to become president.

Psychologists will tell you that Junior’s college drinking habits are an escape mechanism. Donald Trump must have hated his life. explains that young people with troubled lives, use drugs or alcohol in hopes of forgetting their lives. Melker also shared a story in which he witnessed Junior getting smacked by his father, because he was not wearing the right stuff to attend a Yankees game. — Political Haze

In his defense, it isn’t so hard to envision the son of a republican president winning the nomination. Besides Trump, in the last thirty years, the only republican presidents are named Bush.

You don’t have to get up too early to pull one over a republican. They are easily hoodwinked. They actually voted for Donald Trump as their president — that alone is very indicative of their vulnerability. Granted, Trump finishes his term and isn’t carted off to prison, it won’t be too crazy to imagine Trump Jr. on the ticket.

Imagine creepy Don Jr. getting up there, screaming shit about minorities and monster trucks. It isn’t too difficult to imagine Don. Jr. tricking the same people that his father tricked.

Trump is only president because of his supporter’s intelligence. If his son learned anything by watching his dad, it is that if he wanted to be elected he just has to cater to the 30% that admires his father.

Remember last year, when Junior called off his secret service, and mysteriously vanished into thin air? Turns out he had to go hunting. It was so important for Junior to go hide in a bush and shoot a defenseless animal grazing a half a mile away, that he canceled his secret service protection. Is that a good gauge of one’s hunting ability, or is it an attempt to scoop up a few beads of power and self worth?

As bizarre as Junior’s hunting escapade was, I’m sure the same 30% that support his father, cheered and toasted their moonshine flasks when they heard Junior was hunting.

Here is another example of Junior catering to that uneducated demographic.

This tweet was just yesterday. In addition, it could be Junior’s must disturbing tweet yet. He is blatantly condemning a certain race of people coming to the country. Literally, Hitler’s messages were identical.

Again, remember who the tweet was directed to. Me and you were shocked and disgusted to read the president’s son (possibly a future presidential nominee) write such racist tweets. But he doesn’t care about us. His dad proved that the road to the White House is manageable without us. If Junior wants to be president some day, he knows that all he has to is maintain his father’s supporter’s loyalty. That means, keep churning those hateful racist tweets.