Eric Trump tries to sell Trump Christmas Ornaments on Twitter — Savvy Businessman or Greedy Mongoloid?

Every thing about Trump is nauseating. I have to write these articles after I eat breakfast, or I vomit. His family is no exception, because they have been shaped in their fat father’s image. They have been taught that stealing is okay, as long as you don’t get caught.

Eric Trump funneled cancer charity money to his businesses, associates: Report

China factory for Ivanka Trump brand shoes criticized for labor violations

Donald Trump Jr. says he’s not worried about going to jail: report

On a side note, the article above about Ivanka, is why she earns the coveted role in my book as the most evil Trump. While reading books to kindergarten classes and claiming to be such a devout liberator of women, she had factories in China that forced little girls to work disgusting hours. EVIL!!!

Its kind of like the chicken or the egg debate. You can’t really blame the kids. That is how they were raised. Deception is in their blood.

Remember the very day after Trump won the presidency, and Ivanka was selling a lunch date with her. Pay to eat lunch with Ivanka Trump! OMG!!! Is it possible to be a morsel more disgusting?

Couple days ago, Eric Trump released these shitty Christmas ornaments on Twitter.

The ornaments include two different versions of a mini Trump Tower, a magical Trump helicopter, and of course a shitty pair of golf clubs. And beneath the collection of Christmas ornaments, that would defile any Christmas tree, sat the message, “Love the all-new Christmas ornaments from our @TrumpStore team!”

There is so much wrong with that paragraph I just wrote. I’ll try to summarize quickly.

First of all, the ornaments are $60. That seems a little steep, even in Trump’s tariff-price-increased world. Out of curiosity, I looked at how much other Christmas ornaments are online. I found both a beautiful Swarovski Crystal Annual ornament from Saks Fifth Avenue, and a Christian Lacroix Butterfly 120 MM Glass Ball Ornament from Neiman Marcus for less than $60.

I wonder who these ornaments are marketed to? The Trumps are supposed to be the greatest business minds since the Rockefellers, but they can’t even price a Christmas ornament properly. Whose gonna buy it? You think that Trump supporter, whose Christmas dinner will be a Swanson microwavable meal and a six pack of Steel Reserve, is gonna fork over $60 for a shitty ornament? Of course not. That money is going to the meth dealer three trailers down.

Granted, Trump has wealthier supporters, but the majority of them are either Jewish or Islam, unlikely customers for a Christmas tree ornament.

Also, Trump recently refused to attend a celebration of the WWI armistice Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France, because it was raining. And then, the Trump family expects us to put Trump military helicopters on our trees?

Como what?

Calling all helicopter aficionados! You’ll land the coolest gift this holiday season with our Trump helicopter ornament. Hang this on your Christmas tree or gift it to a friend, either way prepare to feel like you are flying in style!
Bonus: Ornaments are individually mouth blown, hand painted and decorated by some of the finest artisans in the world!

I wonder if the helicopter ornament stays in the box if it is raining?

Do these people have any decency? They even try to drain some money from Christmas, the holiest day of the year.