Even Before Day 1, Trump Inauguration was Oozing with Corruption

I hate to pat myself on the back, but I’ve been writing about the Trump inauguration scandal literally, for years. I got such a kick out of the story. After writing article after article during the election, about Trump’s deplorable existence, he won the election. Everyday, I wrote another article about another crime he committed, another woman he abused, another loophole he skirted through, and then he wins the election.

I was shocked. As was most of the country, I was mortified. I didn’t even have to wait for him to begin his presidency to find out that I was correct all along. Yes, he tricked a lot of uneducated people. But not me or you! When word got out about his inauguration spectacle, my opinion was validated: Trump is nothing but a two-bit hustler.

After fooling America that he was so wealthy he didn’t need to be corrupt, and he was going to drain corruption from the streets of DC, Trump and his friends pocketed millions from the inauguration.

To maximize the amount of money the “inauguration committee” could collect, after the elections, Donald Trump got rid of caps on individual contributions. Plus, anyone willing to pay seven figures to attend this Chuck E. Cheese jamboree was given “exclusive access”.

Suddenly, the president of the United States was on sale to the highest bidder. Anyone in the world who wanted the president’s ear for a few seconds, just had to spend a handful of money.

Trump built up the celebrations. Trump’s “inauguration committee” claimed that the concert costs a whopping $25 million. Remember that Obama’s inauguration, which is considered the greatest ever, was $5 million. America was looking forward to a good show. Maybe something good could come of his presidency. But even that turned out to be a fat lie.

According to an AP report, this “inauguration committee” spent $25 million on a pre-inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial. That might look impressive on paper, but in reality it confused a lot of people. For starters, Obama had his pre-inaugural concert at the same place eight years ago, with much better acts, and 40 times as many people. Obama’s pre-inauguration event was more spectacular than Trump’s, though only one-fifth the cost!?\

Despite Trump’s insistence that his inauguration was the largest celebration since the Beatles arrived, much of that $107 went unspent. Tally up all of the receipts to that shitty inauguration and you don’t have anything near $107 million.

As a result, the press began inquiring about this massive amount of money. The inauguration committee admitted they didn’t spend all the money, so they said they would give the leftover to charity. Eight months later, there has been no word about the money. They also announced that in April, they would proudly broadcast which lucky charities got the money. As of five months ago, Trump’s “inauguration committee” was still trying to figure out what to do with the money.

A little research on the internet revealed the lucky people that Trump chose to man his “inauguration committee”. I assure everyone who reads these names will roll their eyes. These people didn’t know a thing about inauguration day, they just donated a lot of money to Trump’s campaign. Even before Trump got into office, and already his buddies are profiting!

The chairman of Trump’s “inauguration committee” was Thomas J. Barrack Jr, a real estate investor, Colony Capital founder and a great friend of Trumps’.

The co-chairs are Lewis Eisenberg and Roy Bailey. Lewis is a financier and investor. Trump thinks so highly of him, that Lewis will be the next ambassador to Italy! Roy Bailey is a Texas businessman. He was previously Texas state co-finance chair for the Trump campaign.

The bottom line is that Trump’s inauguration piggy bank had more money than any inauguration in history. However, only a few dollars was spent. What happened to the rest of the money? Dirty Trump and friends zip their lips and say nothing.