Every Disgusting Breath Trump Takes is to Preserve his Trump TV Audience

Ever since that forsaken day, when Trump rode the escalator and declared his presidential ambitions, he has done a lot of strange things, especially if you have presidential ambitions. Whether it be praising white supremacist groups or vowing to kick Hispanics out of the country, for a president, Trump is following bad advice.

When he became president, I assumed he would have dulled his Adolf Hitler platforms. After all, he was president. His “America First” banter did the trick. There was no need to perpetuate it from the White House. Especially because all of his legislation to ban Hispanics, and detain Muslims, and imprison little Hispanic children in cages, are thrown out by the courts. They serve no purpose. They are just failure after failure. Strange that someone with an ego the size of Trumps’, continues to push platforms he knows will fail.

Not everyone is disgusted with the image of little Hispanic babies in cages. His supporters love it! A third of the country is behind Trump, more passionately than any other president in history.

Mr Trump is against the political establishment (the media, the Republican Party, political grandees like the Bushes and the Clintons) and change (which encompasses everything you had but fear you are losing) and he’s against the world (which has taken jobs and sent immigrants to take over America). — BBC

During the election, the Trump team consisted of the former CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes, and the co-founder of conservative web-dynasty Breitbart. Doubtful these names know anything about presidential elections. However, they know an awful lot about conservative media.

I don’t think Trump expected to win. His sole purpose was to rile up the impressionable, uneducated and racist third of the country. His plan was to start Trump TV, the morning after Hillary became president. Think of how much America hates Hillary Clinton, thanks to Trump and Russian fake news.

Isn’t that funny, Donald Trump, of all people, persuaded America to hate a woman that devoted her professional life to helping impoverished women and children and the same woman whose charity gave medicine and food to starving and sick people around the world.

Anyway, with all this implanted Hillary hatred, imagine if Hillary won, and Trump TV went national. Trump TV would’ve been YUGE!!!!!

Just because Trump won the presidency, it seems as if Trump refuses to forget about his Trump TV idea. Why else do you think he continues to cater to his fan base? When Trump is out of the White House (as long as he isn’t in a prison cell), he will start a subscription based media channel.

Despite all of Trump’s disgusting behavior, about a third of the country has always supported him. I’ve written several articles about this third of the country, and how before Trump, most of them never voted. This is the demographic that read Breitbart articles. Many of them are from rural areas of the country, and are uneducated. Many of them are addicted to drugs.

Because of Trump’s affection, this third of the country worships him. Even if Mueller’s investigation reveals any wrong doing, this third of the country will undoubtedly stand by him.

I’ve always wondered how the republican party will survive after Trump. Trump’s third of the country despise republicans as much as democrats. Next election, when the republican party nominates another squeaky clean polished Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush, how will Trump supporters react? They will feel betrayed.

A few weeks ago, Trump announced he was starting a US-government run network on Twitter.

“While CNN doesn’t do great in the United States based on ratings, outside of the U.S. they have very little competition,” Trump tweeted on the quiet news day. “Throughout the world, CNN has a powerful voice portraying the United States in an unfair and false way. Something has to be done, including the possibility of the United States starting our own Worldwide Network to show the World the way we really are, GREAT!” — HollywoodReporter

Trump acknowledges that a third of the country thinks he walks on water. He desperately wants to profit off of this. What better way than to start Trump TV? Another reason we should all be praying that he gets locked up.