Trump is about to go down in a big pile of self destruction. Donald Trump couldn’t even last half a year, before torching the White House. Those poor Trumpkins must be devastated. Trump was supposed to be the Great White Hope. Trump was supposed to get those coal mining jobs backs, get everyone healthcare, destroy ISIS, build a wall, lock up Hillary, suspend immigration…..

Turns out it was all lies.

Trump knew his grandiose lies would not work on educated people. He would only be appealing to those that he could trick.

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Most of us have known this for a long time. Before Inauguration Day, most Americans knew that Trump would not last a term. However, his loyal supporters, the ones that waited breathlessly in the rain to see him during the campaign, they are still convinced that Trump will complete two terms.

To them, Trump is much more than a politician. During the campaign, Trump used his salesman tricks on his supporters, and it worked like black magic. He told them exactly what they wanted to hear. As a result, they pledged their unnerving devotion. Now, those same Trumpkins are finding it impossible to turn against The Great Deceiver.

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A politician is easy to kick to the curb. He is the leader of our nation — of your kid’s nation. If he brings destruction to your life, why would you defend the man? When Nixon faced impeachment, 15% of the nation was on his side, according to Gallup. Why would anyone defend a lying crook to lead our nation? You aren’t his business partner. You won’t benefit from his misdeeds. In fact, if a president is crooked and has a secret agenda, you and your children will suffer. Of course, we would want him out. Back in the seventies, the entire nation, even most of the ones that voted for him, were against Nixon.

Forty years later, our nation’s mindset has turned on it’s head. A good portion of our country actually supports Trump, as these scandals emerge worse than Watergate. In their defense though, Trump is far from impeachment and even further from a criminal indictment. Certainly, public opinion will change as the charges materialize.

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How much will they change though? Trump is not a regular politician. He didn’t convince his supporters with a sound vision and a compelling political argument. No. As they poured out of his rallies, during the campaign, they all said how Trump ‘thought like me’. His supporters voted for him, because he connected with them. They felt a bond with Trump. Hitler and Stalin seduced their followers with similar chicanery. Hitler’s early followers had no idea of the destruction that waited their nation.

Freud said that a crowd demands “strength or even violence” of its leaders: “It wants to be ruled and oppressed and to fear its master” (70). Hitler and the Nazis fulfilled this psychological need by infusing the Volk with the idea that the Nazi Party was strong and powerful, and thus, to the feeble mind of the crowd, trustworthy. This was accomplished through a myriad of ways, some obvious and others subtle. One of the most overt ways that Hitler conveyed a sense of strength and power was through his speeches, during which he would yell and wave his arms violently. Owlcation article

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Trump is a master of communications. His first elected office is president of the United States. Without his manipulative powers, Trump would never have been able to pull this off. I could write a text book on all of the tricks he used to fool our country. Here is a few:

  • Nothing is big or good, it is YUGE and THE GREATEST.
  • Everything is either ‘us or them’. You are a Christian or a terrorist. You are an illegal or a legal. Trump turned Americans against each other.
  • Speak in slang and half finished sentences, to make audience think you are talking to them in less formal atmosphere.
  • Repeat stuff a lot for emphasis.
  • Hyperbole — Article from yesterday
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Chances are, if you are reading my article, you did not vote for him. On the other hand, if you did vote for him, you were tricked. Don’t feel bad, (uneducated) people have been duped by loud and personable leaders for centuries. The thing that really sucks, is that all of us have to pay for your stupidity.