GOP’s Plan to Force a Wall on America, Shows How Disgusting the Party is

Every day, the GOP does something more horrific than the last. The latest stunt is their attempt to force a wall on America. A wall, mind you, that no one, besides Baby Huey and his mindless minions want. The GOP understands this. They know that the wall is the stupidest idea since car surfing. In fact, the idea is so atrocious, they refused to pass legislation to start building the wall when they controlled the house, senate and White House.

President decided to throw the government into shut down in order to get his wall. This means thousands of state workers won’t get paid because of the GOP’s temper tantrum. I doubt the shutdown would have lasted as long as it has, if the senate’s salaries were in question. Disgusting!

Conveniently though, the GOP waited until democrats controlled the House, to have a shutdown. From behind those cracked and fuzzy GOP glasses, they are certain the democrats get blamed for the shutdown. After all, the side that capitulates and ends the shut down, is which ever side the public perceives to be at fault.

Why didn’t the republicans build a wall, when they controlled the government? Because, each republican politician knew attaching their name to wall legislation would be political suicide. Check out this article from a year ago.

Instead, the GOP figured they could force the democrats to approve wall funding by shutting down the government. WOW! If that sentence doesn’t make the hair on your arm stand up, you are one strong dude.

Sorry GOP, but Baby Huey left a stick of dynamite in that idea, by already “owning” the shutdown. How dumb do you have to be to take credit for a shutdown? Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of a shutdown? After the president said (on tape) how much he wants to shut the government down (denying thousands of Americans a paycheck), the GOP will be blamed.

“I am proud to shut down the government for border security.” Later in the day, Trump dug in even further, declaring: “I don’t mind owning that issue. … We’re closing it down for border security and I think I win that every single time.”

Essentially, if the democrats cave in, forever they will be the ones to have given Trump money for his wall. The wall isn’t even plotted or mapped out. It is physically impossible to build. Trump has actually proposed SEIZING private land to build the wall. In the future, the wall will be a catastrophic mistake. Forever, republicans will blame the wall on the democrats. After all, when republicans controlled Washington, they didn’t give Trump money for the wall. Republicans didn’t want the wall. Democrats, however, built the wall.

If democrats cave in, this could be a grand slam for the republican party.