Hands Down — The Biggest Hypocrisy of Trump and his Republican Party of Uneducated Minions

The republican party really is nothing more than one giant smoking stinky ball of hypocrisy. They have to be hypocrites! How else does a group of legislators, supporting the financial interests of their billionaire donors, gain the support of the majority of republicans — uneducated and poor?

These uneducated bible-thumpers don’t care about education reform, military, taxes or foreign trade - none of this matters when up against the abortion or gay marriage issues. All a republican politician has to do is snap his fingers and mention those issues, and he instantly gets millions of votes in his pocket. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

Upon closer scrutiny however, these republicans are doing everything they are preaching against. Ivanka Trump, for example, last year spoke about this major initiative that would promote the economic empowerment of women. Very admirable. She wanted to be this modern say Elizabeth Stanton, fighting for the women suffrage movement! Though, at the time of that announcement, female workers at her factories in China complained of violent abuse, long hours and little pay, The Week.

Still those republican voters just turned the other cheek.

Stupid is as stupid does.

My personal favorite example of republican hypocrisy is Larry Craig, republican senator from Idaho for twenty years. He endorsed the harshest anti-gay legislation ever. And then he was caught trying to solicit gay sex in a men’s bathroom. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Look at Donald Trump advocating bible courses.

“Numerous states introducing Bible Literacy classes, giving students the option of studying the Bible. Starting to make a turn back? Great!” Trump said in a tweet.

In reality, a realm republicans waved bye bye to long ago, no states have passed any laws for public schools to teach bible study. It kind of blurs the lines between state and church. But I reckon, that doesn’t matter much to Trump’s uneducated supporters.

Donald Trump wants kids to study the bible. Although, Trump is no choir boy. Literally, by definition, he more resembles a devil than an angel. Amazing that the religious right so passionately endorses a guy that stole tuition money from little high school students and sexually molested countless women. But his supporters liked that about him. His far right religious voters said that everyone sins and everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone, except democrats.

So, back to what I think the biggest republican hypocrisy is. Ever since he rode down that forsaken elevator, Trump has insisted that all of those Hispanics have to go, and they are the real enemy of our country. Demagogue 101 teaches it is much easier to gain support with the uneducated masses by instigation as opposed to solution. Still, Trump’s number one agenda is building that wall and keeping out them Hispanics.

Such a message worked so effective for Trump, because he was campaigning with groups of Americans who had lost their jobs to illegal immigrants. According to Trump, if he became president, he’d kick out the Hispanics and they would get their jobs back.

One would think a more effective and easier approach to solve this problem would be to fine any American business extraordinary amounts if they hire illegals. If illegals had no chance of getting a job in America, I assure you none would bother coming. Plus, we wouldn’t be going through this catastrophic shutdown, and there’d be no fight about some stupid fantastical wall.

But the reason why such legislation would never happen, especially under Trump, is that he hires illegal. He saves a truck load of cash by hiring foreigners as opposed to Americans. In fact, Trump ONLY hires illegals at his Mar-A-Lago shitty ranch.

According to above article, Trump Organization claims it didn’t know all of these illegal immigrants were working for them. As a result, the Trump Organization will be “expanding its system for checking the legal status of new employees.”

But these accusations that the Trump Organization hires illegals, is nothing new. In fact, during the elections, while Trump was condemning businesses that hire anyone but an American, Trump was hiring illegals. Just a few months ago, Trump requested Foreign Visas to stock his resorts with foreign labor. Journalists like myself have been ringing the alarms for years. Here is one article I wrote a few months ago,

Trump tries to convince his supporters that he hates illegals so much, he sends troops into homes to get illegals and split up their families. It is so sad!

Juan Carlos Fomperosa Garcia was getting ready to celebrate his son’s 17th birthday party, when he was detained by Phoenix immigration officials.

“He walked in. An hour later, they brought me a bag with his stuff and that was it,” said Yennifer Sanchez, Fomperosa García’s 23-year-old daughter. The Guardian article

Trump supporters are celebrating in the streets because Trump is kicking out all of these Hispanics. But then, as soon as Trump became president, his wife’s Slovenia parents became US citizens. They became citizens as a result of the family based “chain migration” policy, Trump despises.

Coincidentally, daughter Melania, also became a US citizen under questionable practices. In 2001, she was given an Einstein Visa. EB-1 are very rarely given out, to candidates highly acclaimed in their fields. Usually, this Visa is given to Pulitzer and Olympics winners. When she became a citizens in 2006, she was able to sponsor her parents.

Check out the picture below. Everywhere Melania’s fat parents go, we are paying for their security.

Trump has made his entire presidency about removing Hispanics from our country. However, the only employees at Trump resorts are Hispanics. The hypocrisy is disgusting!