How Many Republicans Would Have Voted for Trump if Cohen Had Told the Truth During the Elections?

During the elections, Trump repeatedly insisted that he had no business ties with Russia. Time and again, he told America that he had no financial attachment to Russia. There is a good reason he said this. Would you vote for someone who had given Putin a $50 million penthouse? Of course not!

The other day, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, admitted in court that Trump was lying during the election, and that he did have major deals going on in Russia. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Lying to the American public is no crime, however we need to ask WHY he lied. Trump’s real estate deals were actually with high level Russian officials!

All of these mysteries could be cleared up by Trump showing his taxes. During the election, he promised America that he would, just when his tax audit was done. Turned out he wasn’t being audited and it also turned out that he never showed his taxes. Why? What is he hiding?

To make things even worse for Trump, a spokesman for the Russian government verified Cohen’s story. And admitted that communication between Michael Cohen and the Russian government existed regarding Trump’s interest to build in Russia.

So now we can safely say that Trump was lying during the elections about his business interests with Russia. At the time, Cohen backed up his lies. If America knew that Trump was greasing Putin’s palms with $50 million gifts, perhaps he wouldn’t have gotten as many votes as he did.

America would never want someone as their president, who was so deep in Putin’s pockets. Such a president would most likely ease Russian sanctions regarding Ukraine, pull out of the Paris Accord and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and impose steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the EU. Oh yeah. If there was a president in Putin’s pockets, he’d probably try to erode the EU.

All of the legislative accomplishments above are intended to benefit Russia and NOT America. Everyday, it becomes more apparent that our nation’s worst nightmare is true - our president is financially beholden to Vladimir Putin. How else do you explain Trump offering Putin a $50 million penthouse and Trump endlessly working in the White House to ease Russian sanctions and to make Russia stronger and America weaker? There is no other explanation.

Perhaps if Cohen had come clean then, and told America that contrary to Trump’s repeated lies, he did indeed have business ties to Russia, maybe some of Trump’s supporters would have stayed home on election day.

Guaranteed, things will only get worse for Trump. Once the new political season commences, democrats are planning several investigations into Trump-Russia collusion. In addition, Mueller’s investigation will be wrapping up any day. Most likely, republicans will try to keep the report hidden.

Everyday, I ask myself why would Trump bother running? He had to have known, becoming president was the only surefire way that all of his hidden crimes would become revealed. He had to have known, the massive scrutiny his life and past crimes would be subjected to. What if he owed the Russian mafia more money than he had? And the only deal he could manage, was to become president and follow Putin’s instructions?