In my darkest most sadistic dreams, I would never destroy the republican party as mercilessly as Trump has. The republican party was once a noble institution, constantly defending the American government. But now, what have you become? Now who do you defend, Nazis and white supremacists? More disturbing, is the fact that republicans have complete control because we unanimously elected them. People I work with and go to school with, my neighbors actually voted for these disgusting forms of life.

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Yesterday will go down as one of the darkest in American history. Yesterday, I realized America is ruled by very bad people. Our leaders actually condone hate groups! Hate only fosters destruction. Hate will destroy our country. My president praises the same organizations that bust into people’s homes, drag them out of their beds, and lynches them in their back yards.

Everyone is saying how our president is finally revealing his true colors. I don’t agree with that. I don’t think he is a racist. His disgusting allegiance with the KKK is even more callous than being rooted in rascism. Ignorance and a lack of education breed racism. Trump is not racist. Trump just needs approval. His refusal to condemn hate groups stems from his juvenile need for approval.

Now there is no coming back home. As a result of Trump’s insistence on protecting the KKK, even after they took a human life this weekend, more Americans have turned away from Trump. If I am correct, as more Americans reject Trump’s affection of hate, he will need the KKK more than ever. Now, Trump must continue to defend the KKK.

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Two days ago, I wrote this article about Trump’s initial reaction after the Charlottesville tragedy. I hypothesized that Trump’s failure to blame the hate groups who were responsible, was because those same hate groups are the only people that still approve of his presidential performance. In other words, if Trump was to denounce these hate groups, there would be no one left in his corner. That is the last thing that Trump wants.

Lets look at this grotesque situation from the view of the hate group. For the first time in our nation’s history, white nationalist groups have the approval of our president. Not even before the Civil War, did the president approve of a the KKK. This is a first! Never in our history has a president defended hate groups as passionately as Trump. Finally, these hate groups are emboldened with the most respectable endorsement possible. Anyone who tries to stop an army of skin heads marching down the street, looking for things to destroy, will be trampled in their opposition. No longer are these far-right fringe hate groups in the minority. President Trump has stamped all of their swastikas with an air of legitimacy.

What about Trump’s Jewish family? Remember how important he claimed his family was to him? LOL! Can’t be that important, if he endorses groups whose sole objective is to obliterate his family. What do his Jewish grandchildren think of him, as they pour their cereal and think to themselves, ‘My grandfather is the only politician that approves of groups that want to kill me’! Disgusting!

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The republican party will never recover from this. They shouldn’t have recovered from when Junior tried to destroy our country, by fabricating intelligence to justify us going into a war, that killed thousands of our young and plunged the country into a decade long depression. Actually, they didn’t recover from that. In fact, the republican voter was so sick of being lied to and cheated, they tried Trump, something new. That experiment turned out to be a failure. So, where do they go from here?

Lay down my dear brothers
 Lay down and take your rest
 I want to lay your head upon your Savior’s breast
 I love you all but Jesus loves you the best
 And I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight — Grateful Dead