If Terrible George Bush is Remembered so Fondly, One day Will Trump Also be Immortalized in Presidential Divinity?

In July 1992, George Bush had approval ratings of 31, the lowest of his presidency. Those numbers are even lower than Baby Huey in the White House right now. His unpopularity was as a result of the economy. In his defense, George Bush had some very high approval ratings because of a war. Ironically, a few years later, his son’s involvement in a war would propel his approval rating as well. The Berlin Wall also came down during Bushes watch.

Abroad, Bush was great. At home, where it matters, Bush was a disaster. After promising America “No new taxes”, Bush raised taxes to reduce the deficit. 62% of Americans disagreed with this.

Twenty-five years later, most Americans feel positively about President George H. W. Bush’s performance in office. A Gallup Poll conducted earlier this year found that 64 percent of Americans approve of the job he did as president, ranking him third in that poll, behind only John F. Kennedy (86 percent) and Ronald Reagan (72 percent), and similar to the retrospective ratings of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. — CBS

In retrospect, George HW is the third most beloved president!!!

In 1964, George HW Bush said this about the Civil Rights Act,

“The new civil rights act was passed to protect 14% of the people,” George said. “I’m also worried about the other 86%.”

He was adamantly against it.

Here was another topic he was against. HW said this in 1992,

“I can’t accept as normal life style people of the same sex being parents.”

In his defense, in time, Bushes views changed, but these are things that he said. At one point in history, America’s “third most beloved president” professed a deep hatred for gays and a scattered ambivalence towards the civil rights crusade.

I reckon, time assuages all blemishes. Even a bigoted republican, can one day become one of the greatest presidents of all times.

Thus, I’ve been losing sleep imagining what’ll happen when Trump passes? If HW, whose approval rating at one point was lower than Trumps’, can be so beloved, why not Trump?

HW was also a soldier, which earns the utmost respect. But Trump has something HW never did. Trump’s persecution in the Russia investigation, has forced about half of the country to defend him as if a little deer lost in the woods.

Trump rose to power by identifying with the uneducated and unemployed American. Every time Trump defends a white supremacist, or talks about a wall on the border, or suggests corralling all Hispanics and Muslims in detention centers, he is appealing to his supporter.

Trump is a god in their eyes. This divine respect will only strengthen over years. If Trump is locked away in prison, his punishment will only validate his stature. All great martyrs sacrifice themselves for the good of civilization. His supporters won’t see a traitor who allowed a foreign government to infiltrate our country, they will see a wrongly accused crusader.