Imagine if Hillary’s Top Adviser was Giving Your Voting Data to a Foreign Government to help them Infiltrate our Election

Ever notice how democratic candidates play at a different game than republican ones? What could potentially destroy a democratic politician’s career doesn’t seem to phase republican ones. I’m sure this is no big revelation to anyone reading. The American public is a lot more critical of democrats.

While Trump was running for president, he was the defendant in TWO class action suits. One, in which he scammed little high schoolers out of college tuition and another in which he sexually assaulted numerous women! These scandals didn’t come out after he was elected — his uneducated supporters actually voted for him WHILE the cases were unraveling!

Imagine if Obama or Bill Clinton started a war, in which thousands of young and beautiful American lives were killed. Turns out the intel that justified the war was doctored by those in the White House. Also turns out, those same people that doctored the intel made billions of dollars off of war contracts. I reckon it would’ve taken more than eight years to see another democrat in the White House.

Most democrats are not corrupt like every single republican. All democrats want is to help the people, not just their wealthy friends. Hence Obamacare and social benefits and education (three things republicans are adamantly against). Maybe this is why republicans leap at the most insignificant democratic blemish.

Take Hillary for example. The woman’s life was impeccable, not a single grain of corruption. Before she got into politics, she legally helped impoverished women and children. Her charity was so helpful, several charity websites gave hers’ a higher rating than the Red Cross. It was as if Hillary lived her life assuming that one day she would run for president, so that not a speck of dirt could be found.

Trump and other candidates realized that they had to smear Hillary to win. Check out this sad article, from just a few months ago. At that time, Hillary’s favorability was still low, even lower than Trumps’! WHY?

Hillary was such a strong candidate, that Trump, Russia and other candidates, felt compelled to make up stories about Hillary. They were nothing more than silly rumors, but with nothing else, her opponents shoved those stories down our throats.

Republicans commenced eight different investigations into Hillary’s role in what happened at the Benghazzi embassy. ALL EIGHT investigations proved she did nothing. However, republicans kept reopening these investigations cause they had nothing else.

The other day it was revealed that Paul Manafort, Trump’s top adviser actually gave Russian oligarchs our voter data, to help them steal the election for Trump. Good GOD! Imagine if Hillary won the election, and then suddenly it was revealed that her top adviser did the same thing. I’d give it 48 hours until she would be dangling from the Oak tree on the White House lawn.

Seriously, no president in the history of our country has committed more cardinal sins than actually colluding with foreign governments to steal our election. Trump makes Nixon look like Lincoln. However, Trump’s approval is still mid thirties. Despite our president selling us to the highest bidder, still a third of the country approve.

The third of the country that supports Trump, is typically uneducated. Which brings us back to why republicans are against education.