In the 80s, Trump’s Business Partner was a Mob and Drug King Pin

When your life is filled with such crime and deception, most of the stories go unnoticed. For example, imagine if Hillary Clinton gave unlimited wealth and privileges to a convicted mob/drug king pin in the eighties. Do you think republicans would’ve made a big deal about it?

Seriously, imagine if in the eighties, Hillary Clinton owned a casino. Imagine that Hillary used a specific helicopter company to fly high rollers in and out. Turns out, this helicopter company was owned by Joseph Weichselbaum, a THRICE convicted felon!!!

The story gets a lot weirder. The fact that Trump was doing business with Damin Helicopters, should toss up about a trillion red flags. First of all, the New Jersey Casino Control Act, requires all casino owners NOT to do business with criminals. Of course, a state doesn’t want a casino of theirs to be funding crime families.

You’d think Trump would want to do business with a solid good transportation company for his casino. Instead, Damin kept going out of business.

Finally, Weichselbaum was declared unfit to provide helicopter services for New Jersey casinos. But that still wasn’t enough to separate these two criminals. Even after Weichselbaum’s company was disabled, Trump still kept paying him $100,000 a year.

And then a huge indictment was struck against Weichselbaum. According to the indictment, Weichselbaum, while working for Donald Trump, was also having drugs delivered to his business Bradford Motors in Miami.

When Trump heard of the indictment, instead of cutting all ties with this known felon, Trump rented him an apartment in Trump Towers!

Weichselbaum pled guilty in the Federal District Court of Cincinnati. But guess where the case wound up? Weichselbaum’s lawyer requested the case to be conducted in Miami, where Bradford Motors was, or in New Jersey, where the casino was. Instead, it was sent to New York. And who was the judge?

Judge Maryann Trump Barry, Trump’s big sis!!! I can’t make this shit up.

After three weeks, the judge recused herself. Not only was her brother involved in the case but she herself, the federal judge, had flown in the helicopter of the convicted drug/mob king pin being charged!!!!

In an attempt to help out his BFF, Trump wrote a very sweet and sentimental letter, on Trump Organization stationary, pleading for the exoneration of Weicheselbaum. In the letter, the president of the United States referred to the convicted drug king pin and trafficker as “conscientious, forthright and diligent”. TheDailyBeast

Weicheselbaum only served 18 months. Trump’s letter worked! Most mules charged with similar drug convictions get 20 years.



Jordan Arizmendi

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