Lou Dobbs’ Condemnation Should Remind America of how Many Fox Anchors Were Fired for Ugly and Racist Language

Just in the past two years, five big Fox anchors were terminated as a result of some disgusting thing that they said. If a student shouted this out in their cafeteria, they’d get beaten up or at least some lengthy detention. If an employee shouted this out in their store, they would surely be fired. However, in Fox world, people can say these things and still hold on to their tremendous pay checks!

Bob Beckel, previous co-host to Fox “The Five”, was fired when he made shouted a racist diatribe to black employees.

Stacey Dash was taken off Fox after suggesting that Black History Month should be removed in an attempt get rid of segregation. And yes, she is black.

Judy Slater was comptroller at Fox for decades. She was fired after making derogatory remarks to African Americans.

Kevin Jackson was a Fox commentator. He was fired after calling Brett Kavanuagh’s accusers, “lying skanks”.

The list of Fox anchors fired for either making sexual harassment allegations or being charged with sexual harassment, is so huge that I can’t write it all now. The names include Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling, Gretcha Carlson, Andrea Tantoros, Rudi Bakhtiar, Michelle Fields and Scottie Hughes.

And now, Fox senior vice president for programming, denounced Lou Dobb’s show for peddling anti-Semitic conspiracies.

The comment in question was made by Chris Farrell, a board member of the right-wing organization Judicial Watch, during Thursday night’s episode of Dobbs’ show. During a segment about the caravan of migrants moving toward the US’ southern border, Farrell called the State Department “Soros-occupied” territory, referring to billionaire and liberal philanthropist George Soros, one of the targets of mail bombs discovered earlier this week. CNN

This conspiracy has previously appeared on the show.

Lou Dobbs received public condemnation earlier this week when he tweeted, without evidence, that the bombs sent to Trump critics were “fake news”. Once the bomb story changed, Dobbs deleted his tweet and wrote this one,

The night those bombs were sent to Trump critics was a weird one on Fox. If your job is to report the news to America, it should have been very obvious that night. I mean, ask a four year old child who sent bombs to Trump’s critics, they will answer a Trump supporter.

Fox, the number one news agency in America, reported every single other alternative except that one. Sean Hannity even mentioned Cher in his brain dead theories.

I can see a Fox viewer ignoring ugly racist language that the channel’s top anchors use. If that doesn’t bother them, I assume sexual harassment allegations won’t budge them from their favorite channel.

But, I can not comprehend how someone will get their news from a source that regularly funnels false headlines.

I reckon it is more important for uneducated people to have their parent’s outlandish conspiracies validated than to hear the truth.