Millions of Americans Voted for Trump, Now they Must Suffer the Consequences

This is the time of year that farmers apply for federal loans. Bills from last year need to get paid as well as planting for next year begins. Unfortunately for them, the government agencies that process the loans are closed cause of the shutdown. To make things even worse, this year was hard for these farmers as a result of Trump’s trade war.

Double whammy for those Trump supporting farmers! Because of Trump’s legislation, these farmers really needed those loans. Because of Trump’s legislation, these farmers will not be able to get those loans.

The USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) managers and supervisors were instructed to cancel all previously arranged loan closings when the shutdown started, according to the agency’s shutdown plan posted online. Agency officials could not be reached for comment Thursday.
Commodity traders and farmers alike are also growing nervous that the USDA will also push back or possibly cancel a slew of global supply and demand grain reports set for release on Jan. 11. The data is watched by farmers when making their planting plans. — Reuters

An extensive poll taken in 2016 found that 70% of farmers were republican. Many of these farmers are still loyal Trumpkins, despite the destruction he has caused on their farms, their country and their family.

Now let’s jetty a few states across the country to Johnson County, Indiana. The county overwhelmingly voted for Trump. This is where almost twenty kids were devastated by rare forms of cancer. Parents and doctors were all dumbfounded. Finally, they found their answers hiding in a puddle in an abandoned factory: a toxic plume of trichloroethylene, TCE.

But as families across the nation implore the EPA to do something about TCE, the White House is literally doing the opposite, and weakening the restrictions on TCE. This fatal killer could be right under you or your daughter’s nose. This colorless fluid could be found in almost every dry cleaners as well as thousands of factories across the country, NYTimes.

The EPA confirmed the carcinogenic chemical TCE in the Franklin site as well as it found it in several homes in the area. Obama administration tried to ban several harmful chemicals. The Trump administration however, reversed all of the progress. Persuaded by lobbying and interest groups, Trump actually POSTPONED the bans on these harmful chemicals and also TEMPERED the methods the federal government uses to determine health risks of the most dangerous chemicals out there.

Instead, the agency will focus on possible harm caused by direct contact with a chemical in the workplace or elsewhere. The approach means that the improper disposal of chemicals — leading to the contamination of drinking water, for instance — will often not be a factor in deciding whether to restrict or ban them. — NYTimes1.

After being paid by chemical interest groups, Trump is allowing these carcinogenic chemicals to flow through our playgrounds and our water streams. For the right price, Trump is allowing the children of his own supporters to die.

Trump got elected by assuring his supporters that he would “drain the swamps”. His (uneducated) supporters really argued that since Trump was already so wealthy, he had no NEED to steal from the tax payer. How stupid do you have to be to believe that one?

Wealthy folks have no need to steal or engage in corruption. — Larry Kudlow, President’s top economic adviser

You can’t say he was wrong. He said that quote to trick people into voting for Trump. That is exactly what happened. With the amount him and Trump and all of their wealthy friends are making in tax write offs, I’d say they have no regrets. All the other people who voted for Trump however, wish they could vote again.

The farmers who believed Trump’s lies, only to watch him torch their farms and run away, have regrets. The parents who voted for Trump, only to watch him reverse restrictions on chemicals that kill their children, have regrets. All of Trump supporters must have big regrets, except of course himself and his wealthy friends.