Nigerian Army Takes Trump’s Advice, 40 Protesters Die as a Result

The world views America as a shining example. Our three inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are desired by the rest of the world. In our role of global leadership, we always need to remember that what we say is often followed to a tee. Earlier this week, Trump said that he told his army at the border to shoot anyone who throws rock.

Across the world, in Nigeria, at least one military leader heard Trump’s instructions. He must have assumed that if America practices such totalitarian oppression, why can’t he. When Islamic Shia activists began throwing stones, the guns began shooting people.

Amnesty International as well as leaders of the protest said more than 40 people were killed at the march and two other smaller marches, with more than 100 wounded by bullets. A Reuters reporter counted 20 bodies at the main march. New York Times

There is no question that the mounds of Nigerian corpses were as a result of Trump’s disgusting speech. Anyone doubts that, then check out the Nigerian Army’s tweet, defending the death toll.

Imagine if something you said caused as many deaths. How devastated would you be? I could be wrong, but I would be shocked if Trump actually cared. He could call the Nigerian Army and rectify the meaning of his words. If 40 people died today, how many tomorrow? The sooner he corrects his misconstrued message, the more lives are saved. Even if he didn’t care, at least that would show to the world that he cared a little. He could APPEAR to care. But he won’t even do that much.

July 17, 1791 was the Champ de Mars Massacre. In Paris, a crowd of protesters had gathered to demand the removal of the king. Instead, King Louis issued a decree retaining his throne. The crowd was large and unarmed. All they had were rocks. When they started to throw them, the military fired their guns, killing countless of protesters.

King Louis XVI joins names like Hitler and Kim Jung On as leaders Trump tries to emulate.