Now that Trump Got all of Those Silly Campaign Promises Out of the Way, He Could Focus on the Important Stuff

People who don’t read Breitbart and dress up in white hoods and carry burning crosses, would agree that the first two weeks of Trump’s presidency have been terrifying. Among other things, he removed white supremacist groups from the FBI’s terror watch list. He offended some of America’s greatest allies, like Australia and Mexico. He commenced implementation of a ban on Middle Eastern people entering our country. Trump insinuated during the campaign, that he would be much more accommodating to Israel building settlements than any previous administrations. He also began dismantling the financial safeguards Obama set up to prevent another 2008 crash. Plus, he was tossing Obamacare.

And then reality set in.

Of that list of Trump campaign promises, guess which is the only one he is going to keep? YUP!!! A rollback of Obama’s financial watchdog regulations have begun. He is only working for himself and his families economic stratosphere. Everyone else can eat cake. All those other promises however, seem less likely to occur.

Think of it like this: without those other promises, Trump wouldn’t have been elected. Trump’s master plan was to save himself money. If he ran on that platform alone, he would have been laughed at. Instead, he devised a litany of impractical campaign promises, that he knew would never materialize, but would gain him enormous support.

For example, look at his campaign promise to get rid of all of the illegals from the country. That promise alone garnered a huge number of votes for Trump. That promise was music to the ears of hundreds of thousands of unemployed factory and construction workers, who had lost their jobs to cheap illegal labor. They assumed, get rid of the illegals and get your jobs back. Although Donald Trump only hires foreign visas to work his construction sites and resorts, all of his supporters figured that Trump would willingly enforce legislation that would cost him millions of dollars in the long run.

Of course not. Trump never intended to remove the illegal pool from our countries labor market. In fact, the only thing that Trump’s hallucinogenic ‘wall’ visions have incurred, is to destroy the Mexican peso, making Mexican labor even cheaper and more lucrative to American businesses. Hence, Trump’s campaign promises have actually saved him money, not a penny though, for his supporters. Ain’t irony a cruel bitch?

As for now, the loyalty of most Trumpkins remain resilient, if not, even more brilliant, considering that Trump appears to be standing by his word. According to USA Today, a panel of Trump supporters gives him stellar ratings — 25 of 25 approve of the job he’s doing. These first two weeks have only proven to them, that Trump is standing by his word. As soon as he stepped into office, he proposed the wall idea and he has already pushed to repeal Obamacare.
 USA Today article

A great first impression. But what are the chances that congress approves these insane proposals? President Trump could be proposing to set up colonies on the moon, but if congress doesn’t approve it, what good is it? Quite frankly, Trump’s strategy is to escape liability. If Trump’s crumby ideas never fly, his supporters can’t blame him. He did all that he could. He could say, ‘I tried to build your stupid wall.’

Now that Trump has tried (and failed) to implement most of his campaign ideas, he could spend the rest of his term focusing on what is really important to him — saving himself a lot of money.

Originally published at POLITICAL HAZE.