Please Don’t Give Donnie a Nickel For his Wall

The latest news is that some sort of agreement is being hatched to make The Great Wall of Donald. There are so many reasons not to build it and no reasons to build it. Of course there are reasons to build it but, contrary to Trump and Fox News opinion, the wall will not satisfy such reasons.

For example, Trumpkins across the country will tell you, “We gots to build us a wall, cuz it’ll keep out them Hispanics.” Back to reality, so many obstacles, like building through federal lands, Native American tribes, and potential floods in Mexico make a wall an impossibility. Not to mention, the largest wall in the world can be circumvented by a ladder. If a smuggler carries a ramp in the trunk, they could soar over most fences.

Floods is a major concern. Border Patrol agents told Fox News that a wall would still “have to allow water to pass through, or the sheer force of raging water could damage its integrity, not to mention the legal rights of both the U.S. and Mexico to seasonal rains.” In 2011, for example, a flood in Arizona washed away 40 feet of steel fence. Cato

But I read this morning that Trump is getting ready to sign an agreement for about $1.7 billion for the wall, instead of the $5.7 he was asking for. $1.7 is an interesting number, because that was what he asked for a year ago. Could “The Great Negotiator” wanted this amount the entire time, but only asked for a higher amount to make his $1.7 look more reasonable?

The first concern that popped into my head when I heard democrats were going to concede on the wall, was that democrats will forever be a punching bag for this wall. With all the legal battles and terrain difficulties the wall will pose, $1.7 billion will pay for the shittiest Fisher Price wall, man has ever seen. In two years, when the fence has been trampled over, republicans will say, “If only Trump got the full amount, he could have built a better wall.” In other words, democrats are opening themselves up for a disaster, by giving Trump anything for his forsaken wall.

The wall physically can not be built. If they do build it, the wall will be extremely ineffective. Why would the democrats want to be a part of this losing strategy? The only one who wins is Donald Trump. His supporters will got bat shit crazy, as Trump gets his key campaign promise.

Lastly, what will happen when Trump’s legal battles comes to an end? If this guy is carted off to prison, will we want a memorial celebrating his crimes? After fighting so hard to get the wall, as soon as Trump is arrested, republicans will gladly tear the whole thing down. Once it is determined that Trump was Putin’s little puppet, destroying our country and defiling our flag, no one will want to look at that wall. Because it will remind republicans and all the fools that voted for him (or didn’t vote for Hillary), that they were played like fiddles.