Russia is Fooling the People of France With its Fake News as Magnificently as they Fooled us

All election polls in France have been the same since mid-February. They all point to a close tie between Macron and LePen. Macron has a slight lead. However, Fillon is a distant third. Which would mean, that Fillon would be eliminated on the May 7 runoff.

As a result, France was shocked on May 7 to read the headline, “2017 presidential elections: the return of Fillon at the head of the polls”. The headline was produced by state-run Sputnik, a Russian news carrier. The clearly bogus poll credited Moscow-based Brand Analytics, an online research firm. “Brand Analytics” appears to be just as bogus, as no information regarding the company exists online.

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A Macron victory would be bad news for Russia. Macron has implied that, if elected, he may impose further sanctions on Moscow, if it does not resolve the Ukraine issue. Of the all the French candidates, Macron supports the EU the most, another grave flaw in Putin’s eyes.

“Sanctions against Russia exist and will be necessary as long as the Minsk agreements, signed [between Ukraine’s government and pro-Moscow separatists] in February 2015 are not respected,” Macron said in his election program. “We will seek to lift them if the situation in Ukraine engages us there.”

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Richard Burr, head of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee which is investigating the Russian hacking of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, said last week that the Kremlin was trying to interfere in the French vote.

Putin may not have a favorite of the three candidates, but he definitely dislikes Marcon the most.

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Marine Le Pen, has campaigned on many of the same things as Trump. She wants to exit the European Union, reduce immigration and withdraw from NATO. Like Trump, she would like to improve relationship with Russia.

Fillon also wants to lift all sanctions on Russia.

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