Sure Looks Like Putin’s Ultimate Plan is to Destroy the President of the United States

Recently, a former member of Russia’s secret spy service, said that he was in contact with Paul Manafort regarding millions of dollars Manafort owed to Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska.

Oh yeah. Allegedly, this communication went on during the presidential campaign, while Manafort was Trump’s chief campaign adviser.

“He owed us a lot of money, and he was offering ways to pay it back,” Victor Boyarkin told Time, in reference to Manafort in 2016. — Independent

This nugget of information could be the most indicative proof of the leverage that Russia had over a senior member of Trump’s team.

Of course, Trumpkins the world over, will adamantly deny this. After all, once you accept that the Trump team was millions of dollars in debt to Russia gangsters, what patriotic American would actually continue to support Trump? If you support a Russian gangster for president, you should also be tried for treason.

But there is a great deal of truth to the Russian gangster’s allegations. In 2015, he filed a complaint in a Virginia court alleging that Manafort owed him $19 million dollars, as a result of a failed Ukrainian business investment, Independent.

Once I learned that Trump’s senior campaign adviser owed Russia millions of dollars, a litany of questions rushed through my head. The one question that has been bugging me for years, is WHO picked this ragtag collection of former Russian spies for Trump’s campaign team?

Seriously! Imagine that you were running for president, and you were able to select the campaign team of your rival. You’d probably pick Trump’s identical campaign team.

Already, there have been several Trump campaign team members classified as Russian spies.

Paul Manafort, as noted before, has extensive ties with Russia dark money. Before working for Trump, he was the lobbyist for the former President of the Ukraine.

Mueller linked Trump campaign aide Rick Gates to several confidential meetings with a Russian spy. One of his charges was actually conspiring against our country!

Former Trump adviser Michael Flynn, has actually ADMITTED that while working for the Trump campaign he was a “foreign agent” for the Turkish government, VOX.

Former Trump adviser, Carter Page admitted to being an informal adviser to the Russian government, Politico.

The list goes on and on.

It can’t be a coincidence that the people Trump chooses to be in his campaign are all Russian spies. What are the chances of that? I doubt Trump even knew how deep the ties were between some of these people and Russia. Which leads me to the question, who chose them then? I always figured that the answer to this would unveil any collusion allegations.

What if Putin selected these people, with the intent of bringing down the president of the United States?

Putin, could care less about republicans or democrats. All he is interested in, is seeing America lose power across the world. America is the leader of the Western world, which happens to be Russia’s arch enemy.

I began this article writing about how a Russian metals magnate claims Paul Manafort owes him millions of dollars. Such an allegation was most definitely cleared through Putin before being made. Then, we need to ask ourselves, why would Putin approve this accusation that damages the American president he helped get elected?

Mueller is coming for Trump. However, Trump’s real concern should be Russia. By getting Trump elected and then throwing him to the wolves, Putin will show the world how powerful he thinks he is.