Thank you President for Compelling so Much Hatred Against you to Create this Diverse and Beautiful Congress

America would be a lot different today, had Hillary won. For starters, Trump TV would be in every shit kicker’s trailer. I’m sure Hillary would have been a great president. But regardless and undoubtedly, republican media would have been perpetuating the Hillary hatred conjured up during the elections. After all, hatred sells. And the suckers that Trump and Russia tricked into hating her, would be easy pickings! Just like in the election, those Hillary haters were like zombies, clicking the title on the internet that stimulated them the most. The animosity against Hillary would be so intense, that every Trumpkin, as well as a lot of Bernie supporters, would be demanding impeachment. Chances are, in such an alternate reality, the past mid-terms would have been a lot different.

A record number of women were voted into congress. For the first time, we have Muslim and Native American women in congress! Texas elected its first Latino women. It is really a beautiful change. Though, deep down, we know we have to thank Trump for this revolution.

Give him credit where it is due. He failed miserably at everything he tried to achieve. However, he did succeed in making America hate him SO much that we elected his polar opposite in record numbers.

Of course Trump refuses to take the blame. The GOP’s brilliant strategy plan to win back the House? No compromise. No negotiation. Swing a lot further to the right.

“The squishy members who lost their races were the ones that didn’t embrace that conservative agenda,” David McIntosh, the president of the conservative group Club for Growth, said at a press conference hosted by more than a half-dozen conservative leaders. — USAToday

I hope every republican takes that advice to heart. Because this plan is just a one way ticket off the mountain. I wrote an article a whole ago about how America’s changing demographics will be the death of the republican party, if it isn’t dead already.

According to Pew research, millennials makeup 22% of the US population. In addition, sometime between the November midterms and 2020 elections, the millennials will surpass the Baby Boomers as the largest population bloc.

55% of millennials voted for Hillary. Donald Trump could barely catch a third of this demographic. Since the election though, Trump’s performance has only eroded his approval among this demographic.

millennials have by far the most negative views of Trump, having tumbled from a 64% job approval rating for President Obama in 2009–2010 to a dismal 27% approval of Trump in 2017–2018. It also found that millennials self-identify much less as conservative and much more as liberal than previous generations, supporting progressive stances on economic inequality, global warming, immigration and racial equality. TheGuardian

So, let’s put millenials in the democrat’s pocket. In addition, we need to slide the immigrants on the democrat’s side as well. Immigrants have historically been democratic, but ever since Trump waged a war against them, be confident that no immigrant would ever vote republican.

Just check out a Pew poll of Hispanic immigrants in 2012, years before the republican president called all of them rapists and locked up Hispanic toddlers in cages.

In 2012, the Pew Research Center’s National Survey of Latinos found that among Latino immigrants who are not U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents (and therefore likely unauthorized immigrants), some 31% identify as Democrats and just 4% as Republicans. An additional 33% say they are political independents, 16% mention some other political party and 15% say they “don’t know” or refuse to answer the question. — PewResearch

This is not up for debate. Loyal Trumpkins, old and white, die off and are replaced by immigrants as well as millenials. If the GOP plan is to become MORE conservative, they will just decompress and explode. I guess it sounds good, to that loyal Trumpkin waving the confederate flag. But after a few meth overdoses, there won’t be any republicans left.

The diverse congress we just elected will continue to become more diverse. As America changes we need an adequate representation in Washington. The days of congress being occupied 90% by white and old men are over.

After a life time of abusing women, now the woman will destroy Trump.