The One Thing Trump Did Not Mention in State of Union is Mankind’s Biggest Threat

Trumpkins across the country are praising their leader’s State of the Union last night. He spoke about his visions of a fantastical wall on the southern border, he encouraged a ban on late term abortions, he mentioned another visit with new BFF North Korean leader Kim Jung On, despite his administration’s efforts to remove protections offered by Affordable Car Act, he also wants to lower healthcare costs. But the two words he failed to mention were “climate change”.

Ironically, these two words were also absent from his previous two State of the Unions. The previous three presidents mentioned climate change in at least one of their State of the Unions.

Trump’s opinion on climate change is no mystery. He thinks its all a hoax. Or…..he does most of the time. Once, last year, he acknowledged climate change. Trump asserted that someway (he provided no facts), climate change would magically reverse itself.

Whether he believes it or not, Trump’s administration is the most harmful yet to our earth. All of Trump’s environmental legislation has rolled back regulations aimed to reduce emissions. He also withdrew the United States from the Paris climate agreement.

He appointed Andrew Wheeler to head the EPA. His thoughts on climate change?

“I would not call it the greatest crisis,” Mr Wheeler said when asked if climate change is a major concern. However, he added that was an “issue that has to be addressed globally”. Independent

Meanwhile, today I read that our planet just experienced the hottest year on record. Temperature on our planet has risen 2 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1880s. CNN

Even more shocking, was a few months ago, when Trump actually ADMITTED to burying a study that actually warned of the catastrophic danger climate change poses to our world and our children.

When asked why Trump purposely hid the study from the public, Trump answered,

(this is the best part)

“I don’t believe it.” Trump told reporters.

The report was actually produced by his own administration.

While Trump is adamantly denying climate change, a huge amount of republicans now believe in climate change.

That skill extends even to Republican’s views on climate change. In a Monmouth University poll conducted this November, more Americans said they believe in climate change than three years ago, with the biggest shift in viewpoints coming among Republicans. The survey reached 802 adults by telephone and has a 3.5% margin of error.
A clear consensus on global warming has formed. Monmouth reports that 78% of Americans say that climate change is behind more extreme weather and rising sea levels. That’s up from 70% in December 2015. While there is still some partisan divergence, American public opinion now firmly accepts the reality of climate change. QZ
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So, why is Trump such a climate change denier? In the end, our children will be the big losers. Donald Trump will be long gone, when the cataclysmic climate changes affects earth.

There is a reason why Trump continues to appoint those in the fossil fuel industry to important government positions (Andrew Wheeler, Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, David Bernhardt — all lobbyists or CEOs of the fossil fuel industry). Money. Trump sold tomorrow’s earth to the highest bidder. If only Mother Earth could stuff money in Trump’s pockets, maybe he would be fighting to protect our children’s future.