The Only Possible President Scarier Than Who we Have Now — Donald Trump Jr. Eyes Presidential Race in 2024

The Trump clan has a lot of quirky characters. Perfect for one of those old TV shows, when each family member was this eccentric character. Just like The Adams Family, The Trump Family would be a killer show. Donald Trump Jr., hands down, has the most issues. I reckon that is why, he is planning on running for president in 2024.

There are so many hallucinatory things wrong with that plan. For starters, Jr. is eyeing 2024, under the assumption that his dad will win 2020. God help us if that happens. But he is also assuming that in six years, he will still be America’s favorite republican. Sure, he pops up every now and then. I’m sure I’d see him a lot more if I watched Fox. But I don’t. I bet you I’d never see him if I didn’t write these articles everyday.

If it wasn’t for his dad, and you saw him on the street, you’d look at him and think how much he looks like Eddie Munster. At least they have the same exact hairdos.

One of the many good things that will occur once Trump leaves the White House, is that we won’t see creepy Jr. anymore. Think of all the times you’ve seen his face the last week, now imagine his dad wasn’t president. He must have the second biggest ego in the world, to think that he’d still be a big shot four years after his dad left the White House.

Of course, being Jr. to Donald Trump means your ego is really ginormous. It also means that you have a lot of issues, as I mentioned earlier. Donald Trump Jr. is brimming with issues.

Donald Trump Jr. went to the University of Pennsylvania. Fellow class mates have told reporters that Jr. was one screwed up kid. For starters, his parents never came to visit him. On most holidays, when the dorms were empty, Jr. would be wandering the empty hallways by himself.

“I think Don gets it a lot. Everyone talks about Ivanka, but Don also has a lot of pressure on him,” says a former Trump adviser. “Everyone wants approval from the father, especially if the father is Trump. He has a special place in his heart for Ivanka. But Don is the eldest son, he’s named after him, he’s doing the nitty-gritty on the real estate, he’s got a lot of responsibility, and Trump is tough on everybody. He’s the alpha male. He sees his son as somebody he has to groom.”
When a Brazilian journalist asked Don in 2010 whether there was much pressure being Donald junior, he replied, “There probably shouldn’t be. But there is for me, because you want to please someone like that, and he’s a perfectionist. There’s definitely always that shadow that follows you around, like how is this guy, the son of someone so good at what he does, going to act?” — GQ

Scott Melker went to school with Jr., and has written several articles about the immense drunkard that he was. Jr. would drink until he passed out. In fact, his nick name during those days was Diaper Don, cause he would always get so kwasted he’d soil himself.

Very interesting analysis could evolve from someone like that, who only drinks to get as drunk as possible. I drink a lot, but I (practically) never get so drunk I can’t walk. It costs too much, makes me feel shitty, and I don’t want to act stupid.

Escapism is a popular reason why people consume drugs and alcohol. To escape from reality is why people, such as Junior, drink until they pass out. They are so disgusted and ashamed with their lives, they use substances to blunt everything out for a little while. Donald Trump must hate his life. explains that young people with troubled lives, use drugs or alcohol in hopes of forgetting their lives.

His need to go out and hunt is also indicative of some issues stemming from his father. Robert O’Neil, the former Navy Seal who was first into bin Laden’s bedroom, has hunted with Jr. He said how, while they were hunting, Jr. continued to remind him that,

“You didn’t think the son of a billionaire would be a hunter.”

As if the only reason he was hunting was to be different from his father. As if the single most important thing for Donald Trump Jr., is to be greater than his father.

Here’s a story that verifies everything in the article. According to People, in 2004 Trump proposed to Melania with $1.5 million diamond ring. Of course, Trump got the ring half price in return for publicity. So when Trump Jr. proposes, he gets a $100,000 ring for free in return for proposing in front of a jewelry store in the Short Hills mall in New Jersey.

The media blasted Junior, calling him “the cheapest gazillionaire heirhead.”

He’s dad said,

“I guess he’s trying to learn from me … but I didn’t like it,” Trump said on Larry King Live not long afterward. “He’s a good kid … and I said, ‘You have a name that’s hot as a pistol — you have to be very careful with things like this.’ ”

After reading this article, it makes Jr.’s decision to run for president easier to accept. His father rejected him as a child. As a result, he needs to prove his superiority to his father. If your dad is president, the only way to achieve such a noble task, is to become president as well.

What a bitter and unhappy little man.