This is Trump’s Ultimate Plan

So the latest Trump headache is that he is going to issue an “executive order” to end our birthright citizenship, ultimately shaping our nation’s constitution. Most people were shocked to hear that headline. While others, his supporters, cheered in admiration.

Let’s just pretend that Trump’s amendment to our constitution passes 2/3 of the senate and then 2/3 of house, and that our birthright citizenship ended. In 812 days, 10 hours, 55 minutes and 42 seconds (according to the time of writing this article), Trump will be gone, and the new democratic president will restore birthright citizenship.

It is easier to imagine Trump teaching Arabic than an amendment to our constitution ending birthright citizenship lasting longer than Trump’s term. So then, why does he waste our time with such nonsensical banter?

Everything Trump SAYS is to gain the approval of his uneducated fan base. Everything Trump DOES is to save him, his family, and his donors lots of cash.

Like his mystical wall, or banning Hispanics and Muslims from the country. None of those things will EVER happen. Trump keeps on pretending how he is trying so hard to build that wall and to kick out immigrants. In the end, it is just smoke and mirrors. Trump could care less about those things. All he cares about is saving himself money.

However, without those tank-top wearing, cross burning, moonshine chugging supporters, Trump would had never been elected. If Trump was never elected, he wouldn’t have been able to transfer billions of dollars from our education, healthcare and social security to him and his donors’ pockets.

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With a third of the country wrapped around his fat and orange finger, Trump has even more plans for his minions. His ultimate plan is to start Trump TV when he gets out of office. For just $99 a year, his bedazzled groupies could watch him 24/7. Why else would a presidential campaign be stocked with conservative media giants Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon? Trump didn’t expect to win. The day after elections, he was going to start his television station.

A third of the country thinks Trump walks on water.

Millions of Americans Believe God Made Trump President — Politico

Apparently, Trump TV is still going to happen. Why else would Trump be so devoted to his white supremacist followers? Trump actually REFUSES to denounce white power hate groups! Pittsburgh mayor asked Trump to denounce them to show his respect for the Jewish victims of the recent temple shooting or don’t bother visiting the area. Our president refuses to denounce them, and is going anyway.

How could he look his Jewish grandchildren in the face? Disgusting!

Think about that. Our president defends those guilty of driving cars into protesters and sending bombs in the mail and barging into houses of worship and slaying countless people.

Republicans need these alt-right white supremacists. Republicans can’t win on lowering taxes alone. They need more platforms. Last election was proof. Despite stealing the election, Trump still lost the popular vote by millions. Imagine how many votes they would have gotten without their calls to build a wall or kick out all Hispanics!

When Trump is out of office, with none of his segregation visions fulfilled, I wonder how many of them will still support him.

Like little puppets dancing on a stage.