Trump Campaign Launches Efforts to Squash the Slightest GOP Rebellion

It takes a lot to say this, but I sort of feel bad for the GOP. Ever since Trump rode down that demonic escalator, I’ve been writing similar stories, about how he hijacked the republican party. Trump began his campaign by promising the uneducated and dirt poor republican that he’d kick out Hispanics and he’d ban Muslims from entering the country. As soon as he gained their devotion, there was no Republican who came close to Trump’s popularity.

But with Trump at the helm of the GOP, that means every republican had to defend his lunacy. I LOVE listening to well established Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Rep. Mark Meadows defend Trump’s fantastical wall. It likes something out of Alice in Wonderland, and the GOP shut down the government for almost a month. It is laughable. Many republicans, like Paul Ryan, refused to sell their political souls and just left Washington.

Former Rep. David Jolly, republican from Florida, gave this as his reason as to why he was getting out of the game.

“And obviously you begin to study your associations a little differently. For us, obviously, it was the imprint of Donald Trump in the Republican Party … His flirtations with misogyny, with race-baiting, a man of vacuous ideology, little conviction. The tone he has set for the party.” TheHill

After the republican mid-term shellacking, the revealing evidence that Trump and Russia colluded to steal our election and then Trump’s disastrous government shut down, Trump’s approval numbers have plunged. Unless Trump starts a war or some miracle, there is no way Trump will win 2020.

As a result, republicans are considering a primary opponent for Trump. It won’t be easy for the GOP to take back their party though. Trump’s campaign is in the process of planting undercover agents to monitor and control local party republican operations.

Bill Stepien, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, calls it all a “process of ensuring that the national convention is a television commercial for the president for an audience of 300 million and not an internal fight.” APNews

The Trump campaign is organizing a web of undercover deceit to assure Trump is the sole republican primary challenger. We have 18 months until elections. Trump’s plan is to squash any rebellion long before primary season starts. Trump’s team is organizing at county and state caucuses to secretly elevate pro-Trump leaders and identify any threats to Trump and Putin.