Trump is Starting to make his Supporters Look Very Stupid

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Ever since election season, Trump has been squashing these Russian-election-meddling accusations, like little democratic flies buzzing around his ears. While the accusations began to mount, Trump insisted they were not true, or as he liked to call them, “fake”. His supporters lacked the fortitude to disagree. Like zombies or mindless puppets, all they could do was blindly stagger towards that glorious orange aura. Trump supporters trust this guy with their life. They’d sooner chop off their own pinkies than accuse Trump of lying.

But now as Trump tap dances across the stage, as he copes with evidence sprouting from Mueller’s investigation, how do those die-hard Trumpkins feel? Their false idol had lied to them time and again. They must feel really lousy.

Yesterday afternoon, when the Cohen news began to break, I put on Fox, just to see watch them squirm. The (unfair) panel consisted of five adamant and beautiful Trump supporters. In the middle of this wild pack of venomous vultures, sat a lone anti-Trumper. Every time he tried to speak, he was barked over.

In defense of their sacred idol, the Fox anchors declared Cohen’s confession that he had lied to congress was just an attempt to lessen his sentence. Cohen told Mueller that Trump was trying to get a Trump Tower built in Moscow, which would be in direct opposition to Trump’s claims. He also offered President Putin the $50 million penthouse if he could get the building made. Here’s the real kick in the ass — these negotiations took place in 2016, during the election.

In other words, while Trump was running for president of the United States, he offered Putin a $50 million penthouse. Even the mind of a Trumpkin could fathom the disastrous ramifications of such an arrangement. Any republican that got furious over Obama’s choice of reverends, or his daughter’s choice of clothing, should be enraged over Trump’s payoff to Putin.

But they aren’t.

So Fox news adamantly defended Trump, and insisted that Cohen’s Russian claims were all made up just to negotiate a lesser sentence. I could envision every Trumpkin this side of the Mississippi blindly nodding their head with passion.

Mueller isn’t just going to take Cohen’s word for it. Unless Cohen has evidence, per se emails, to back up his claims, Mueller wouldn’t have accepted it.

And then, this morning, Trump actually ACKNOWLEDGES he once tried to start a building project in Russia. But Trumpkins could sleep easily knowing that Trump only “lightly” tried building something in Russia. Not seriously or heavily, but lightly. So that isn’t so bad. And also despite Trump actually changing his story as a result of Mueller’s investigation, he ends the tweet with his two favorite words “Witch Hunt!” (I don’t know why ‘H’unt his capitalized.)

When I read that, I couldn’t help but to do a little fist pump in my pajamas. I’m sure you did the same. What about that foul sea of Trumpkins around the country? How do you think they felt when they found out that their Presidential Grand Dragon has actually been lying to them? Say whatever you want about how great and honest Trump is, but why would he repeatedly lie to congress about this Russian building? Why lie?

While Trump was pursuing a massive building contract in Russia he was lying about it to America PLUS he was pressuring legislation to go easy on Russia!!!!!!!! Treason is punishable by death!

They are already in too far to withdraw their support. I always say how it takes a smart man to never do anything wrong, but it takes a brilliant man to admit they were wrong about something. Trump supporters are not very educated.

Only Half of Trump’s Supporters Have High School Education

So will they just blindly follow him to the burning ashes of Trump’s demise? Quite possibly. Undoubtedly, as more of Trump and Putin’s treacherous conspiracy are revealed, more Trump supporters will abandon ship. They have no choice.

This article only reiterates my article from yesterday, how Trump killed the republican party. Once Trump is carted off to prison, after humiliating every person who voted for him, come next election, they won’t be so eager to get into that voting booth.