Trump Played his Supporters like Little Puppets Dancing on a Stage

Jordan Arizmendi
Mar 2, 2019 · 4 min read
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During the elections, I would contemplate whether Trump was actually a democrat, trying to destroy the republican party. Look what he has done to the republican party! Their leader is being investigated for accepting money from a foreign adversary! If these allegations are correct, the republican president is in Russia’s pocket! If I was defending such an outlandish theory in court I’d have heaps of evidence to present to the jury.

For starters, Trump has always been a democrat. Trump’s kids couldn’t vote for him in the election, because they were all registered as democrats!!! Snopes

In 2004, just a few years before running as a republican president, Trump said in an interview with Wolf Blitzer,

“In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat,” Trump told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a 2004 interview. “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Now, it shouldn’t be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats. …But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we’ve had some pretty bad disaster under the Republicans.”

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But when he ran for president, he morphed into a republican! In 2016, after winning the Nevada primary, Trump professed his love for the “poorly educated”. Clearly, Trump was crediting his election victory on his voter’s lack of education. Could there be a connection here? Do you think Trump ran as a republican, because he thought that republican voters are easier to manipulate and sell his snake oil to?

More than just his party affiliation, his lifestyle contradicts everything a pious religious right citizen stands for. How can you consider yourself a virtuous person yet at the same time, defend a man guilty of extra-marital affairs, stealing tuition money from little high schoolers, tearing babies from their mother’s breasts and locking them up in cages, colluding with foreign enemies, and so much more?

To hear the desperate excuses they give as to why they defend him is almost comical. During the election, my favorite reason as to why a person who considered themselves faithful was supporting a man embroiled in sin and debauchery, was because they figured Trump was already wealthy so he wouldn’t be corrupt.

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“Why shouldn’t the president surround himself with successful people?” former TV financial analyst Larry Kudlow said, “Wealthy folks have no need to steal or engage in corruption.” NYMag

or how about this gem of insight-

Donald Trump is the only presidential nominee in decades who is brave enough and outside the system enough to take on that monumental task. Indeed, to change a town so entrenched and disconnected from the American people as Washington will almost certainly require a president of Trump’s guts, tenacity and willingness to offend. Some of what appear to be weaknesses as a candidate may turn out to strengths in a change-oriented president. USNews

Turns out that mentality was wrong.

So why did Trump get all the votes he did?

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That forsaken day when Trump rode down the escalator and began his campaign, and vowed to kick out Hispanics and Muslims from our country, was all he needed to say to gain instantaneous support from a third the population.

All Trump cares about is lowering taxes. He isn’t going to win the presidency on those platforms alone. Any president needs a majority of the population to win. Cutting taxes does not make a president. However, by promising to kick out minorities from the country, suddenly Trump had more than enough votes to win.

But now, it seems that those promises he gave to his uneducated base just turned out to be shallow lies. He can’t even build the wall, let alone corral up Hispanics and Muslims. However, he was able to cut taxes for himself and his family members. Republicans passed those tax breaks within hours. Which is kind of weird, when you consider how long it took to pass healthcare for your daughter and mother.




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